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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Community Partnerships Benefit Students
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Communities develop a unique culture through strong leadership and partnerships between key stakeholders. At Saint Paul College, we proactively connect with key community leaders who share our Mission, Vision and Values. We believe this benefits our students in some significant ways, including:

  • Active partnerships with workforce leaders bring up-to-date industry protocols into the classroom, often providing students with more up-to-date career skills.
  • Community leaders respect our efforts to connect and help build a strong community, and they realize our students come from a culture of proactive community service.
  • Transferology options are readily available with our extensive Articulation Agreements.
  • More scholarship & emergency funds are available through generous Foundation sponsors.

One example of a transformational partnership is our training program with Ujamaa Place. This partnership has transformed young men by giving them the confidence and training necessary to advance in a safe, inclusive environment. At the root of this partnership are a supportive culture of safety, trust, empowerment, cooperation, and choice, as embodied in our intentional emphasis on serving as an anti-racist trauma-informed (ARTI) institution. You can see a list of other supportive sponsors in place with Saint Paul College at Partners in Creating Change.

Another significant partnership we have is with other schools. For example, we establish numerous programs and opportunities with the Saint Paul Public School System. We also have transfer agreements with other colleges and universities for students who want to start at our 2-year school at an affordable rate and then continue elsewhere to pursue additional education or credentials. Transfer Guides and Transfer Services provide further information on these options and our support services.

Education is a people business, and at Saint Paul College, we strive to develop strong partnerships with a wide range of local business, educational, and community leaders. You can download our flyer to learn more about ways to partner with us at More than a Partnership.

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