Eighteenth Week of Spring Semester 2015
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Eighteenth Week of Spring Semester 2015

​What a beautiful spring! The rain drops freshened the Saint Paul College landscape this week, often and frequently. The colors of spring are gorgeous. Finals are well underway and our graduation commencement ceremony is next week!

Here is an update of all the activities that I was engaged in during the week.

Last weekend, I attended the Hmong American Education Foundation (HAEF) meeting where volunteers reviewed applications for HAEF scholarships. We match up to $1,000 of HAEF Scholarships at the College.

On Monday, the VP of Student Development, Executive Director of Friends of Saint Paul College and I met with a major Twin Cities Foundation to discuss Early College and Career Pathways for high school age students. The VP of Academic affairs and I had lunch with several first and second year faculty members to assess their perception of how things were going at the College. On Monday and Tuesday, I also attended a meeting of presidents of two-year Colleges and Universities. We remain steadfast and support Governor Dayton’s proposal for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, $142 Million Budget request. Fully funding higher education is the right thing to do as budgets are moral documents. Budgets such as the one that Governor Dayton is proposing, will help drive Minnesota’s prosperity and keep our colleges and universities competitive!

On Tuesday, I also attended our End of the Year College Employee Recognition celebration. Our associates at the College are fantastic. What a wonderful, hardworking group of dedicated men and women who are making significant differences in the lives of our students. I am proud of our faculty, staff, and administrators. Their ultimate goal is to help students succeed. I also met with the Executive Leadership Team to assess the progress of the College’s Work Plan and our College goals for 2015-2016. My day ended by attending the Jeremiah Program celebration at the College. The Jeremiah Program is a partner of the College. For more information, please see: http://www.jeremiahprogram.org/

On Wednesday, I attended the GenNext Leadership Council meeting. We discussed the importance of healthy social and emotional development of St. Paul Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools students.

I also participated in the Minnesota Philanthropy Grant and Community Initiative and Community Impact Assessment meeting. I had a meeting with the Executive Leadership team of the College, where we discussed budget and college work plan. My day ended by attending a Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation Strategic Plan.

On Thursday, members of the Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation and I met with the Executive Director of a Non-Profit Community Based Organization and a Minneapolis based foundation that funds new Americans. We are proud of our students who are new Americans. They are fulfilling their American dreams, like many of us and our ancestors, seeking out America as the land of opportunity. I had lunch with a Gateway to College director of initiatives on campus. I attended the Extended Management team as well as the President’s Advisory Council meeting where we discussed the College’s long range goals: ​

I am proud of our Management Team members; they did an exceptional job with their presentations and status updates on each goal. I am also grateful to our President’s Advisory Council Members who unselfishly volunteer and offer their services at the College. What a wonderful group of individuals who advocate for Saint Paul College and support our efforts with student success.

On Friday, I updated the College’s Work Plan and worked on the College's Goals for 2015-2016. I also met with two Foundations from Minneapolis to discuss training that lead into gainful employment and the potential for low income adults to earn a livable wage. I attended a WebEx meeting with the Presidents of all MnSCU institutions to discuss legislative policies and updates.

I wish all of our students much success for the remaining days of this semester. stay focused, you can do it! Don’t forget to register for Summer and Fall Terms! I wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.

Next Thursday is Saint Paul College’s Commencement Ceremony. We celebrate our students’ success, their achievement with major milestones in their lives – it is always a delightful experience!

Many thanks to ALL of you who lent a hand to ensure student success on campus.Kudos to all members of our college community.



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