Eighth Week of Summer Session 2017
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Eighth Week of Summer Session 2017

​The start of fall semester is one month away, and faculty and staff are actively engaged with assisting our students with their registration and studies at the College.

I applaud our faculty and staff for pitching in by paying special attention to our students so their interests are met. We truly are a team who believe that the student is the reason we do what we do. If we do not take care of our community and our students, who will?

Here’s a short recap of my week:

Faculty Interviews - We interviewed several candidates for faculty positions at the College. Investing in full-time faculty positions is a strategic priority, and advances our commitment to Teaching and Learning.

Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation Board Meeting - I attended a Friends of Saint Paul College Board meeting to discuss strategies for donor engagement, fund raising, and promoting philanthropic engagement to garner financial support to fund student scholarships.

Meeting with a Community Leader – The deans of Workforce Training and Continuing Education and Business/Career Technical Education and I met with a highly specialized metal fabricating business owner and community leader. The College is helping to address the training needs of their current employees as well as hiring new talents for new positions due to expansion. Saint Paul College is the solution to Minnesota’s talent gap.

Workforce Grant - Individuals from private business and industry, the Minnesota State system office, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota legislative representatives and I met to discuss the legislature’s grant, which appropriated $1 million to Minnesota State to award Workforce Development scholarships to new college students who pursue programs in agriculture, manufacturing, IT, and healthcare. For more information, please see this MinnPost article for more info: https://www.minnpost.com/good-jobs/2017/06/state-creates-scholarships-students-minnesota-technical-colleges

Central Corridor Anchor Partnership (CCAP) – I attended the CCAP Executive Committee meeting to discuss and promote workforce system strategies for the healthcare occupational sector.

MN Philanthropy Partners Board Meeting - I attended Minnesota Philanthropy Partners Board of Directors​ Governance Committee and Executive Committee meetings.

Faculty Shared Governance Meeting – The Executive Leadership of the College and I met with the Faculty Shared Governance team to discuss systematic and strategic planning, fall enrollment and outreach to our students, marketing and recruitment, faculty on-boarding, faculty engagement, innovative projects, budget, facilities, IT, and Human Resources.

Meeting with a Philanthropic Organization - I met with the executive director of a philanthropic organization and their Board to discuss the critical role that the College plays in creating economic mobility and economic security for traditionally underserved members of our community who are often excluded from the mainstream of society. Saint Paul College is playing a key role in promoting socioeconomic mobility for our constituencies.

Korner Klub meeting – I attended and presented at the Korner Klub meeting at the Minneapolis Club. Korner Klub comprised of a group of dedicated men who are passionate and tireless leaders working towards the common good and welfare of our community.

Retirement Gathering for Phillip Davis - I attended the retirement gathering for Phil Davis, Minnesota State Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Service Cooperative, who was the former president of Minneapolis Community and Technical College, a dear colleague whom I will miss. He provided me mentorship and counsel throughout my tenure here as the president of Saint Paul College. I am grateful to him for being an intentional partner and an honest broker for both MCTC and Saint Paul College.

In the News

A Star Tribune commentary does a great job of encouraging society to honor and respect all alternative career paths and not just 4-year degrees for the sake of our state’s future prosperity: Post-Secondary education for non-dummies: In this era of high technology manufacturing, four years and a bachelor's degree is hardly the only smart path to take. Only 22 percent of jobs in our state require a bachelor's or above.

Nikki Erpelding - Wine Professional Certificate Program

On the Minnesota Uncorked website:
Spotlight on: Saint Paul College Wine Professional Program not only highlights our 1-semester Wine Professional Certificate Program and instructor Nikki Erpelding, but also highlights Wine Professional program graduates “whose pursuit of knowledge — and willingness to share it, have the power to enhance your own enjoyment of wine.” There’s still time to sign up for the Wine Professional program that starts on August 26 (Saturday from 10am – 3pm)

In the New York Times
Some of you might find this article interesting: Eight Tips for Parents Who Have Saved Nothing for College

I will end this week’s blog by sharing with you some information about one of our New American students from a war torn part of the Middle East who attended Saint Paul College, completed his studies, and went on to graduate from the U of M. He’s now waiting to hear about his acceptance to the U of M Medical School. What delightful news. It makes me proud of our students. This student’s journey is only one story of so many students that we are blessed to touch and work with throughout the year. What an honor and privilege to be able to touch so many lives, one person at a time.

I am grateful to our faculty and staff for being game changers in the lives of our students.

I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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