Eleventh Week of Spring Semester 2015
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Eleventh Week of Spring Semester 2015

I hope you all had a productive and constructive week. We’re excited about the progress of the bills before the Legislature for MnSCU capital investment priorities of asset preservation and special projects, including the recommendation of the addition of a Health and Sciences Alliance Center at Saint Paul College. I firmly believe that investing in higher education and supporting physical facilities will keep education and training relevant, affordable for our hardworking students and significantly contribute to Minnesota’s prosperity. Many thanks to all of you for your advocacy and support.

Here is an update of all the activities that I was engaged in during the week.

On Monday, I attended a Promise Neighborhood Board meeting at the Wilder Foundation.

On Tuesday, I met with a representative from Student for Educational Reform to discuss SF352. The College hosted a Charting the Future Gallery Walk, with 239 individuals from our college community (students, staff, faculty, Admin Team), and supporters of Saint Paul College attended this event. If you were unable to attend this event, you can find out more about Charting the Future on our website at www.saintpaul.edu/ChartingTheFuture. I encourage you to share additional feedback and ideas by emailing MyIdeas@so.mnscu.edu or by tweeting using @mnscu or #ChartingTheFuture.

I am also grateful to our Charting the Future Gallery Walk team of students, staff, and faculty from Saint Paul College who actively facilitated the conversations throughout this event.

I, along with the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Dean of Health Sciences and Services, also met with the Executive Director YWCA of Minneapolis and their executive team to discuss partnership support which will contribute to Saint Paul College students’ success.

On Wednesday, I met with a St. Paul City Council Member and an official from Hennepin County to discuss internship, employment, and job placement opportunities for Saint Paul College students. I also met with members of the College’s Executive Leadership Team to continue discussions on the College budgets for 2015 and 2016, progress with the College Work Plan and our progress with the College’s long range goals. I attended a Community College Consortia on Immigrant Education WebEx with one of the College Community Based Organization Partner.

On Thursday, the College held our Student Success Day, which provides students the opportunity to explore many pathways for their success. The theme was advising: for career, success in the classroom, and transferring to a 4-year institution. Also included was a job fair, transfer fair, workshops, mock interviews and a résumé review room. Many thanks to all of our hardworking and dedicated faculty and staff who made this day a special and purposeful day for our students. Moreover, I offer my gratitude to our employers who spent some time at the Career Fair as well as our partnering higher education institutions making transfer opportunities available to our students. To view the details of the activities offered to our students for the day, go to ​

I also met with the program officer from Great Lakes Guarantee Corporation. Thursday afternoon, I attended a City of St. Paul Economic Development Partners meeting. The College also initiated some conversation with Saint Paul Public Schools to explore concurrent enrollment and early college options for their students.

On Friday, I attended a Promise Neighborhood event at Maxfield Elementary School, where we hosted Governor Dayton and Representative Rena Moran. The College is a partner of Promise Neighborhood. I also attended a Pathways to Prosperity Network meeting at the Greater Twin Cities United Way, and then attended a luncheon Planning Meeting with Jobs for the Future and Greater Twin Cities United Way. I also participated in a weekly Legislative WebEx meeting where we discussed various House and Senate bills.

Today, I think, is a very special day for Saint Paul College as we help to shed more light on the damage that hatred brings in any form, directed at anyone. Three significant events have been held on campus today: the GLBTQA Resource Fair, sponsored by our PRISM Campus Alliance; The Legacy of Matthew Shepard, presented by Judy Shepard, whose son, Matthew, was tortured and murdered because of his sexual orientation, in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998; and The Laramie Project play. For more info on all of these events go to www.saintpaul.edu/SpringPlay.

As a final thought for the week, I am amazed by the variety of activities that take place at Saint Paul College and how intentionally our staff, faculty, and students work together in a harmonious manner to celebrate our differences and look for common threads to make meaning of our collective experiences. What a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I offer my gratitude to our students who give us the opportunity to learn from them as well as our staff, faculty, and members of our admin team who go the extra mile to make these experiences come to reality in a positive manner.

To our students and anyone else, I hope you enjoyed the 11th week of the semester, as well as the beginning a beautiful spring season, even though we had a short stint with winter-like weather testing us once again. Don’t forget to register for Summer Term!

I wish you a safe and relaxing Weekend.


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