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Ever Dream of Running your Own Small Business?

​Have you ever considered owning a successful business but were concerned if you could pull itIllustration of small business owners off? Just what does it take to create and operate a successful small business? Thousands pursue this dream every day, and as America transitions from the pandemic, the time to start your own small business is as strong as ever!

In our Entrepreneurship Certificate program, you learn the critical skills and characteristics that have helped many others make their dream come true. This program can be completed as quickly as just one year! If you have that entrepreneurial spirit and want to learn what it takes to succeed as a small business owner, we will teach you what it takes to start, and grow, a thriving business in today's competitive marketplace. You will learn what resources are required, how to get started, and where you can find help to many of the common questions facing new entrepreneurs. You will expand your entrepreneurial mindset and gain the self-confidence necessary for all successful business owners.

Our Entrepreneurship Certificate provides individuals with an understanding of the tools of the trade and challenges involved in owning your own business with courses in project management, accounting, marketing, advertising, management, and the legal environment of business. NO BUSINESS DEGREE NEEDED as all we ask is for students to bring their unique skills and knowledge of their trade and passion for successful ownership to the table. We help you build the confidence needed to earn the trust of your prospects and develop your business successfully.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program includes eight courses you can take online or in-person, with many being taught in only 8-weeks instead of the traditional 16-week semester. 

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