Final Week of 2017
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Final Week of 2017


At the stroke of midnight on Sunday, December 31, 2017​, we will usher in a new year. My New Year’s resolution will be to renew my faith in humankind, knowing that the good far outweighs the bad in life. I know just how blessed I am to be a part of Saint Paul College. We believe in the hope that education provides to all of us, which includes the belief that our students have the abilities and capabilities to achieve their dreams.

We know we are fulfilling our mission of Education for Employment…Education for Life when more often than not, students will tell us that they had no idea how much they could accomplish until they came to Saint Paul College. We have seen students achieve more than they ever thought possible – and that is the wonderful gift we receive from our students.

Events, near home, around the nation, and far abroad, often test our resolve and determination, and remind us of how important it is to show respect to each and every member of our college community, regardless of their background, heritage or experiences. A culture of inclusivity and intercultural competence are something we need to continue to practice and embrace each and every day.

It is what we believe in as an institution – that we are here to be a part of a greater community that can change the world.

May you all have a wonderful 2018, filled with the promise and hope that a new year brings!

Warmest wishes,
Rassoul Dastmozd
Saint Paul College

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