First Week of Fall Semester 2017
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First Week of Fall Semester 2017

We started the first day of Fall Semester by getting to view the solar eclipse. What an exciting way to kick off classes!

2017 solar eclipse

Here is brain teaser for you:
What do a professional opera singer, a high school teacher, a musician, a spoken-word artist, a professional engineer, a retired certified public accountant, an armed forces Capitan, a firefighter, a real estate agent, a bank loan officer have in common?

They all attended Saint Paul College.

This week, we welcomed our new and returning students at Saint Paul College. I am so honored to work with such dedicated staff and faculty members, who go the extra mile to meet the needs of students with an encouraging smile and warm and caring interactions. Kudos to all members of Saint Paul College family for making Fall Semester flow so smoothly.

Here’s a short recap of my week:

Comprehensive Workforce Solution – I met with the Project Manager of Charting the Future to discuss the Comprehensive Workforce Solution Model. This model ensures that we leverage the customized training and continuing education units of our colleges and universities. We can use their expertise and resources to strengthen Minnesota’s workforce in a manner that is financially sustainable and market competitive.

Welcome New Chancellor at Saint Paul College – I welcomed Interim Chancellor Malhotra to campus for the taping of a welcome key note message to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities students.

Concurrent Enrollment Welcome – The Dean of Enrollment Management and I welcomed educators from Saint Paul Public Schools to campus who will be teaching concurrent enrollment courses. Saint Paul College will be offering college level courses for Saint Paul high school students.

Hennepin County Workforce Leadership Council Meeting – I attended the Hennepin County Career Pathways meeting to discuss the intentional and engaged role that Saint Paul College can play in devising career pathways in construction, IT, business, finance, health, service, manufacturing, transportation, and skilled trades.

United Hospital Foundation Priorities Meeting – I attended a United Hospital Foundation meeting to discuss capital priorities, strategies, and review fundraising priorities.

Economic Development Partners – I met with representatives for economic development from the City of St. Paul, the President/CEO of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, the Ramsey County Deputy Commissioner, the CEO’s of BOMA and the St. Paul Port Authority, and the Executive Director of the St. Paul Riverfront Corporation to discuss economic development and workforce development issues related to St. Paul and Ramsey County.

Minneapolis Saint Paul Workforce Innovation Network On-Ramp Pathway to Prosperity – I attended a convening meeting with the Minneapolis Saint Paul Workforce Innovation Network (MSPWin) to discuss improvements to the Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) initiative. The new model and recommendation will segment P2P funding into three models and will include on-ramps for “adults who face a range of barriers to provide employment preparation and job placement while building skills in preparation for more advanced training, and a variety of support services.” Read more about Defining On-Ramps to Adult Career Pathways and P2P here.

Local Initiatives Support Corp. – I met with the executive director of Local Initiatives Support Corp’s (LISC) to prepare to speak at the upcoming Financial Opportunity Center National Conference. LISC works to advance family financial stability through a Financial Opportunity Center model. They also connect an integrated service model to career pathways with the Bridges to Career Opportunity investments. These combined initiatives help low and moderate income residents develop skills for employment and to be financially successful. Saint Paul College is partnering with different community-based partners that are running these programs such as Lutheran Social Services, Goodwill, and CLUES.

For your reading and viewing pleasure:
Saint Paul College Culinary Arts program was featured on The Jason Show demonstrating how to make delicious pizza.

White Bear Lake High School students got the opportunity to tour Saint Paul College to learn more about manufacturing careers as part of Gez-Z Connection. Click here to read more about the program.

Saint Paul College is proud to offer summer camps for high school students such as Scrubs Camp, Video Game Design Camp, and Manufacturing Camp. Click here to read more about Saint Paul College’s summer camps featured in the Pioneer Press.

I will end this week’s blog by wishing everyone a relaxing weekend.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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