First Week of Summer Term
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First Week of Summer Term

The first week of summer session started out on a high note as many students began - and others are continuing - their academic journey at the College. I am grateful to all of the students who have chosen to attend Saint Paul College for their summer courses.

This week I encountered several students who are attending colleges and universities elsewhere, but while they’re home for the summer, they are taking courses at Saint Paul College. While they confirmed that a big draw was affordability and transferability of courses, they also conveyed how student-centered Saint Paul College faculty and staff are, and how they felt welcomed from the moment they stepped on our campus.

Many thanks to our faculty and staff who go the extra mile to ensure that our students not only start their journey on the right foot, but that they also are given the resources to help themselves be successful.

Here’s a short recap of a few of my activities this week:

  • United Hospital Foundation - I attended a United Hospital Foundation meeting to discuss setting major gift priorities, strategies, and review the future facility master plan.
  • Metro Alliance Presidents Meeting - I attended a Metro Alliance Presidents meeting held at Anoka Technical College.
  • Potential Workforce Training Partnership with a High-Tech Company - I along with the Dean of Workforce Training and Continuing Education met with a local entrepreneurial high-tech company that wants to develop high tech, short-term training for the new Americans who have settled in St. Paul. Population demographics of the Twin Cities and Metro Area are rapidly changing, and many of the individuals who will be joining the workforce in our communities are often underserved by higher education and do not have access to high wage earning occupations at this time. We plan to continue to help change this scenario at every level we can with our intentional partners in the private and public sectors of our community.
  • Professional Development Opportunities for the Administrative Team - I met with the executive coach who is working with the administrative team to advance their professional development plan.

I will end this blog by sharing a story with you. This week I received a card from one of our students who had completed a health science program at Saint Paul College. This student’s story is not perhaps any different from the stories of almost 10,000 students who come to Saint Paul College throughout the year. This student commented, “… I came to Saint Paul College not knowing that I wanted to start my studies at this College. From the onset, I encountered staff and faculty who provided me the information that I was looking for; I felt valued, I felt I mattered… I am glad that I chose Saint Paul College.”

That is what our work is all about. Every day and throughout the year, our dedicated faculty and staff create an environment for our students that produces a sense of academic and social belongingness at the College. They matter to us.

Thank you all for being there for our students. I offer my humble gratitude to our hardworking staff and faculty. After all, if we do not take care of our students and our community, who will?

Be bold, inspired, relevant and amazing!

I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College​

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