First week of summer Session 2017
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First week of summer Session 2017
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Our new Health and Science Alliance Center is state-of-the-art and will be completed in June! Classes will be held beginning fall 2017 when all the final touches and details for the center are finished. We are very excited about this expansion and how it will allow us to serve our students and community better than ever before!

This first week of summer session has kept everyone busy at Saint Paul College. Welcome to ALL of our students who began- and others who are continuing - their academic journey at the College. I am grateful to all of the students who have chosen to attend Saint Paul College for their summer courses.

This week I had the opportunity to interact with several students who are taking courses at Saint Paul College while they’re home for the summer, but are attending colleges and universities elsewhere in spring and fall. Many of these students confirmed that a big draw was affordability and transferability of courses. They also commented on how student-centered Saint Paul College faculty and staff are, and how they felt welcomed from the moment they stepped on our campus.

Many thanks to our faculty and staff who go the extra mile to ensure that our students not only start their journey on the right foot, but that they also are given the resources to help themselves be successful.

Here’s a short recap of my activities this week

Meeting with a Non-Profit Community Based Organization (CBO) - I met with the executive director of a non-profit CBO to discuss wrap-around support services for students from Saint Paul College.

Saint Paul Mayor’s Innovation Cabinet – the City of St. Paul is open for business and wants your talent and high tech innovative expertise! I along with CEOs of high technology and innovation firms, the president/CEO of St. Paul Port Authority, Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce, VP of business/industry recruitment from the Greater MSP, the City of St. Paul Economic Development, elected public officials and the commissioner of DEED, met at the Minnesota TPT to discuss how we can promote and recruit innovative companies and jobs to the City of Saint Paul for our economic future. We developed four major strategies, more to come, stay tuned. For more information, please read this Star Tribune article: St. Paul aims to attract more innovation and technology jobs.

Meeting with a Private Family Foundation - I along with the Interim Director of the Friends of Saint Paul College foundation met with a private family foundation to discuss potential engagement and support of Saint Paul College strategic priorities, programs, services, and our students.

Congratulations to Hubbs Center Graduates and Scholarship Recipients:

Hubbs Center Graduates and Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to recent Hubbs Center graduates! The students pictured above received scholarships of over $1,000 which they will use to continue their education at Saint Paul College. Pictured from left to right are: Wah Htoo, from Burma, area of study will be Computer Animation; Fatoumata Jallow, from Gambia-West Africa, area of study will be Surgical Technician; and Badiatu Batterman, from Sierra Leone, area of Surgical Technician. We are so honored that you have chosen Saint Paul College and wish you more continued success!

In the news:

In the Pioneer Press:Feed My Starving Children: 6 million meals is goal of this weekend’s Somalia famine relief effort in St. Paul will be the largest the Love Somalia MobilePack event undertaken by Feed My Starving children

Minneapolis-St. Paul area grew by nearly 200,000 since 2010 – Read about the new report by the Metropolitan Council. I just want to add that Saint Paul College continues to play a critical role in providing open, access, affordable, and extraordinary to ALL new comers to Saint Paul College, we are your college! You are all welcome here!

In the Star Tribune:
Our own chefs and Chefs from around the Twin Cities help youth to create healthy/nutritious meals: Young Twin Cities gardeners team up with chefs to create Home Team salads

In closing, I want to share with you two wonderful incidents that I experienced this week. First, one of our students invited me to lunch this week to talk about his experiences at Saint Paul College, and how much he appreciated how grounded, student centered, and approachable our faculty and staff have been to him as they interacted with him throughout his journey at Saint Paul College. Second, a student who was studying in the library informed me that she attended Saint Paul College two years ago and took some classes to prepare for her graduate studies; in fall, she will graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences. She will be pursuing a career in dentistry and is seeking admission in pursuit of her dream.

Our students motivate me as they are our future, and the future of our community. If we do not take care of our students and our community, who will?

I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Best, Rassoul
Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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