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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Global Cultures Club Helps Students Fit In

Saint Paul College has everything you could ever want, shares Ingrid Ribeiro Eiden from Sao Paolo, Brazil, who is entering her second semester at the school. The Student Organizations available to students are excellent and provide options that fit many student needs and interests. Connecting with others is the approach that guides Ingrid as she learns and serves others as the President of the Global Cultures Club.

The Global Cultures Club is in place to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation among all international and domestic students by promoting social and cultural exchanges between students and the campus community. As one of the most diverse colleges in the State, there are many opportunities to learn unique values and cultures from students all around campus. Ingrid shares that this is a very active group that meets weekly with students from many countries.

Ingrid enrolled at Saint Paul College in Spring 2023 and felt connected and valued as a new student. To help overcome communication barriers, Ingrid took English for Academic Purposes courses to help prepare her for a dual degree in Data Science and Management Information Systems (MIS). She says her involvement in student body activities helped grow her self-confidence which helped her grow in her studies, communications, and leadership abilities. It must work, as she has already earned Honors status with a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).


Always excited to share her love of Saint Paul College with her network, Ingrid shares stories about the ease of enrollment, the social connections that are easy to make, financial and academic support, and tremendous educational programs with outstanding teachers. For example, she recalls being disappointed that her family was struggling to gain visa access from Brazil to visit her, and she was downcast. Her attentive teacher noticed and consoled her during this difficult time and put her in touch with resources to overcome this obstacle. Ingrid appreciates all her teachers' enormous hearts for helping students fit in, learn, and prepare to stand out in their careers.

Students worldwide learn at Saint Paul College in many comfortable and supportive settings, both inside and outside the classrooms. With a 4.0 GPA, Ingrid is set to continue learning and making her mark in the world with a promising future that may include working in the financial industry or owning her own company.

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