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Good Riddance – Initiating Change in Education

Khalique Rogers always valued education – he just wasn't fond of the way it was taught without proper cultural context. He believed life-changing education must be able to motivate students to learn how to turn losses into lessons. While attending an English class at Saint Paul College, photo of Khalique RogersKhalique decided to put his thoughts onto paper by writing an essay, "Good Riddance," where he discusses how the education sector needs to find a new and better way of doing things. After receiving an "A" for his work, he was inspired by his English Instructor, Michael Leggs, to continue ways to incorporate the concepts found in Good Riddance into the local educational arena.

Khalique began by closely evaluating Anti-racist teaching - what does this mean and look like – especially when over 80% of teachers are white in a country where almost 50% of the population are people of color? He recognized that representation and influence was a good start, but he wanted more. Good Riddance goes beyond representation by collaborating with a team of qualified instructors, community members, and other stakeholders invested in providing our youth with the life skills they need to be successful. This approach enables students to better relate to their personal experiences, home, language, history, and cultural identity in a way that validates learning opportunities often lacking in a traditional school setting. It allows students to see their purpose in the classroom and outside of it.


Buoyed with new confidence that his innovative ideas needed a voice in the community, Khalique founded Good Riddance, LLC as a Life Skills consulting firm with a mission of empowering young people. He works to inspire youth to be active in uplifting their community by focusing on collective action, advocacy, and supporting youth in finding their purpose and opportunities to contribute to the world. One of his interpersonal key motivators is recognizing that "dreams don't work until you do." He shares this approach in powerful, authentic ways that students respond to. For example, Jaylen, a 9th grade Como HS student, was touched, sharing this about Khalique: "You're making a difference every day, every hour, every minute, bro: Thank You!"

Leaders value strong mentors, and Khalique is grateful to be guided in his professional career by Joe Nathan, Director for the Center for School Change. Mr. Nathan saw the potential in Khalique and strongly encouraged him to continue sharing his heart at different high schools throughout his local community and using his ever-growing gift of public speaking. He embraces serving as an advocate for youth to enroll in PSEO or CIS programs, if applicable, as he has seen tremendous change through these programs. Khalique has found a strong niche in speaking with the BIPOC community, including workshops he leads on initiating change in racial justice. 

Recognizing Khalique's invaluable perspective and outstanding contributions to the education profession, President Deidra Peaslee is pleased to announce that Khalique Rogers has been added as the newest addition to the Saint Paul College President's Advisory Council.

Beyond his strong leadership in our local community, Khalique created his website,, using the graphic web design skills he learned at Saint Paul College.

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