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Leadership in action featured during Alumni Panel Discussion

College is about learning. College is about growing. Eventually, the primary purpose of college is to find your true calling, learn vital skills, and identify ways to impact others positively. Saint Paul College recently held a leadership panel discussion where alumni shared how they paved their way to success and overcame numerous obstacles to inspire others.

This Zoom panel alumni discussion featured an alumni moderator and four panelists sharing critical points on how Saint Paul College prepared them for success in their post-college ventures. These next-step journeys included transferring to another college, starting entry-level positions, entering the professional field in managerial positions, and owning a business. We received overwhelmingly positive comments from student attendees, and here are a few of the highlights of the discussion:

  • Taking risks can benefit you in the future, even if it's hard now;
  • Most students struggle at some point, so do not be afraid to ask for help; faculty is expecting to hear from you;
  • Never give up and always try your best;
  • Fight your fear and keep going;
  • Explore new things out of your comfort zone; and
  • Every resource needed to be successful is available at Saint Paul College!

Making a difference in our community is leadership in action, and a vital component of the education students receive at Saint Paul College!​​

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