Ninth Week of Spring Semester 2015
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Ninth Week of Spring Semester 2015

​This week has been a quiet week at the College because of spring semester break.  I miss seeing our students on campus!  We are a college community who truly cares for our students - our students are not an interruption in our daily routines - they are truly the reason we are all here. 
Here is an update of all the activities that I was engaged in during the week, and also my reflections on a few things occuring at the College.
On Monday, I along with Dean of Health Sciences & Service and Executive Director of Friends of Saint Paul College, met with a non-profit Community Based Organization Leadership Team to discuss potential programming partnerships, as well as collaborations such as after school programs for their youth and service learning opportunities for Saint Paul College students.
On Tuesday thru Thursday, I along with several members of our leadership and management team interviewed finalists for the Marketing/Communication Director position at the College.
On Tuesday, the College also hosted the State of Manufacturing event led by Enterprise Minnesota. The purpose of this meeting was to develop a deeper understanding what our local manufacturers needs were both in terms of well trained workforce as well as credentialing. Many thanks to our team in the Communication/ Marketing and Workforce/Continuing Education team for making this event a successful experience for all of our attendees.  Saint Paul College graduates help the local economy and are catalyst to Minnesota’s prosperity. For more information, please see:
On Wednesday, I also met with members of College’s Executive Leadership Team. We discussed College Budgets for 2015 and 2016. We also discussed our progress with College Work Plan and our progress with College’s long range goals. For more information, see:
On Thursday, I met with members of our Management Team. This team is currently working on the College’s long Range goals. See above URL.
On Friday, I attended a District Energy Board Meeting. I also met with Vice President of Community Impact Initiatives from MN Philanthropy. I participated in a weekly Legislative Web Ex Meetings where we discussed various House and Senate bills. 
I can't say often enough how much intentional partnerships really matter. One such partnership is that of Saint Paul Public Schools, Saint Paul College and the Gateway to College Network and it serves young adults ages 16 to 20 who have dropped out of high school or are significantly behind in credits and unlikely to graduate. The program enables students to complete their high school diploma requirements while simultaneously earning college credit toward a college degree or certificate. and complete college courses while attending Saint Paul College. A great win-win for each student! Please go to ​  to read more about this impactful program and watch the  video at the end of news item - it's a great video featuring students benefitting from Gateway to College already. We appreciate everyone's collective work efforts (the SPPS Team, Saint Paul College Team, and Gateway to College Network Team) to make this partnership a fantastic opportunity for our students. Remember, as we say around here, when our students start here, they can go anywhere!
I am very proud by the consistent and hard work of our facilities team. During spring semester, major clean up, painting, minor construction projects are ALL underway at the College. While many are off and enjoying spring break, many are preparing the College and our operations to ramp up on March 16, 2015 when ALL of our students and faculty members return to College. I will end this week's blog by thanking our hardworking employees at the College who make our students' experiences a special one each and every day.
To our students and anyone else, I hope you enjoyed the semester break next week, I wish you a safe and relaxing Weekend.


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