Ninth Week of Spring Semester 2018
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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Ninth Week of Spring Semester 2018

Student success is paramount to all of us at Saint Paul College. As a dedicated community of caring professionals, we are committed to the success of our students in all facets of campus life. Student success does not happen inside the classroom only, but also outside the classroom - everywhere on campus. Each and every day, I observe our students taking advantage of open computer labs, the library, tutoring center, and Learning Commons areas.

Our faculty and staff work diligently to partner with our students so our students succeed in their academic journey at Saint Paul College. I am grateful for such purposeful efforts by all!

Here's a short recap of my week:

International Women’s Day Tea

International Women’s Day Tea

I along with several members of our college community attended the International Women’s Afternoon Tea and Olga Zoltai Award Cer​emony at the International Institute of Minnesota. A Saint Paul College alumna was the keynote speaker and awardee. What a wonderful beginning and now what a remarkable accomplishment and a source of inspiration for our students and graduates! As we say, when our students start here, they can go anywhere.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations

The Saint Paul and Minnesota Community Foundations

I attended the Community Impact and Grants Committee meeting at The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations where we approved the legislative policy agenda, reviewed progress with strategic framework advancing the community impact priorities, as well as their community impact grant budget.

CyberWatch West National Science Foundation ATE

CyberWatch West National Science Foundation ATE

I chaired a CyberWatch West Center site visit at Washington’s Whatcom Community College, the only ATE western regional center for cybersecurity. CyberWatch West is a consortium of colleges, universities, high schools, and industry partners working together to grow and strengthen our nation’s cybersecurity workforce. The primary initiatives are student development, curriculum development/revision/ dissemination, faculty development, and outreach/partnership development. The work is supported by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) Grant.

Closing Thoughts

At Saint Paul College, we welcome immigrants and refugees from all over the world who have chosen our institution to pursue their higher education. Economic forecasts say Minnesota’s prosperity will depend on New Americans to fill the employment needs within our state. We are honored to have the privilege and opportunity to be a partner in providing a bright future for our students and Minnesota.

We are one community, joined together in our common mission of Education for Employment…Education for Life. Saint Paul College promotes and recognizes the principles of equity, inclusion and social justice. By appreciating and respecting the importance of equity and inclusion, we acknowledge that the collective membership and community of Saint Paul College will continue to foster a culture and atmosphere of belonging, collaboration and mutual respect, which makes us a stronger institution.

I will end this week’s blog by quoting former secretary of state Madeleine Albright. As an immigrant myself, I have always found it to be such a powerful and touching message of hope:

“I’m troubled by [the immigration debate]. When [my family] came from England during the war, people said, “You are welcome here. What can we do to help?” I am a beneficiary of the American people’s generosity, and I hope we can have comprehensive immigration legislation that allows this country to continue to be enriched by those who were not born here.” - Madeleine Albright

I wish you all a relaxing weekend.


Rassoul Dastmozd President/CEO

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