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Progressive Internship Program partnership builds students for success in workplace

​​By Am​y Lane, Metropolitan State University
Posted April 25, 2019

Progressive Internship Program Established in 2015, the Progressive Internship Program​ has provided real-world learning and networking opportunities to Saint Paul College and Metropolitan State University students and it continues to have a positive impact on students. This program is specifically aimed at students who complete their two-year degree at Saint Paul College and then continue their education at Metropolitan State University in pursuit of a four-year degree. It provides students with an opportunity for varied, challenging, real-world opportunities in one or more departments over the course of one to two years. Ideally, interns have opportunities to work on different projects within a department or move across departments, to develop a variety of skills and experiences prior to obtaining their four-year degree.

The Progressive Internship Program began with three organizations and one vision coming together to create opportunities and career pathways for students. The academic preparation of students starts at Saint Paul and finishes with their bachelor’s degree at Metropolitan State University. Another component of their education is the Progressive Internship Program which helps student apply their knowledge and skills in a real​-world setting. The ability to make professional connections in a work-based learning setting is one of the most important opportunities for students in this program.

Speakers at the event included a welcome from Metropolitan State University President Ginny Arthur, and the closing by Saint Paul College President Rassoul Dastmozd, whose remarks emphasized the importance of the opportunity for students to make social contacts in their profession. Ramsey County Manger Ryan O’Connor shared the history and importance of the partnership after the presentation from Kee Vang, who is one of the success stories of the Progressive Internship Program. Students who are currently in a progressive internship shared the positive impact on them personally, professionally and academically.

Four students who are the current cohort of the Progressive Internship Program are Mohamed Ahmed, Javonda Jones, Tom Martinson and Kyu Kyu Myint also spoke on a panel about their valuable experience in their respective internships.

The program is a one- to two-year, paid internship. During this time, students will have the opportunity to contribute to the community while working on a special project, based on your interests and the needs of the department. Interns will also have a chance to interact with other students in the program and expand their network within Ramsey County government.


  • At least 30 college-level credits completed​
  • Current or previous student of Saint Paul College, with plans to attend Metropolitan State University
  • Interest in local government and public service​

Metropolitan State University is a fully accredited, comprehensive university and a member of the Minnesota State higher education system.

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