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Saint Paul College Proactively Adds New Coding Program to Address Labor Shortage

18-Week Software Development Bootcamps equip students to fill high-demand tech jobs

In response to the growing need for skilled software developers in the workforce, Saint Paul College is expanding its information technology curriculum and offering Front End and Back End Software Development Bootcamps as powered by Promineo Tech. These 18-week programs are fast-paced and thorough, covering a wide range of technologies that are broken up into three 6-week courses. Courses include Introduction to Java, Relational Databases with MySQL, and Web API Design with Spring Boot, Introduction to JavaScript, Front End Technologies, and Web App Design with React.

Graduates will be trained with the technologies and methodologies that hiring managers look for when onboarding Java Developers, Software Engineers, Back-End Developers, Application Developers, and Front-End Developers. The skills learned in the program are career focused and the curriculum is deliberately designed to train employable developers.

“Web development is one of the fastest growing careers in today's economy with a projected 27% growth by 2024.* Saint Paul College is excited to help students develop the skills and professional network needed to capitalize on this high demand, and do it affordably" said Jennifer Huston, the Director of Workforce Training and Continuing Education at Saint Paul College.
*Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Not only is this high-demand program bringing the community of Minnesota the advantage of top-quality software development education, but the program will also be comparatively affordable, costing only a third of similar programs found elsewhere.

Embracing the inevitable changes stemming from the pandemic, Saint Paul College continues to find ways to offer valuable education in a remote setting. This bootcamp program provides a classroom community by offering a wide array of student services including mentor sessions, office hours, and live instruction. The schedule accommodates the working adult and the flexibility of online learning continues to make technology education accessible and affordable.

“As the tech industry booms, the demand for qualified developers continues to outpace the supply of candidates. It is our goal to make technology education more affordable and accessible to enable a greater portion of the workforce to fill these roles", said Nick Suwyn, President of Promineo Tech. “We're thrilled to be working with Saint Paul College to launch these programs in Minnesota's Twin Cities."

The effects of the pandemic on employment continues to accentuate the demand for efficient education with a career focused track. Expanding the course roster with Software Development is the ideal opportunity to cater to the job seekers of Minnesota.

Enrollment for the next Back-End and Front-End cohorts are currently live.
To learn more about attending a bootcamp, visit  Saint Paul Coding Bootcamps.

About Promineo Tech: Promineo Tech is an Education-as-a-Service provider that partners with Community Colleges to offer coding bootcamps and related technology training. Learn more at

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