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Seeing the World in a much Different Way
Alex Walker with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

Alex Walker with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

Students enter college with many baseline understandings of important educational topics. College is often a time where these basic understandings are further explored and examined for how they work in the marketplace of ideas. For Alex Walker, his education at Saint Paul College helped him tremendously to "see the world in a much different way."

Alex was born in West Africa and came to the US at a young age. He attended St. Croix Lutheran High School in nearby West Saint Paul, which is also an international boarding school. Alex had a passion for social studies and pre-law but was really unsure of the best working path for his future. He enrolled at Saint Paul College to "get his feet wet" and figure out what he wanted to do. Alex not only got his feet wet, but he grew a much stronger understanding of himself and the path he should pursue.

One thing that Alex greatly valued at Saint Paul College right away was the unique diversity and culture that he found to be relaxing, and easy to fit in for a comfortable, and challenging learning environment. He found the teachers to be very supportive of his overall well-being, not just in classroom subjects, but in his future as well. Alex thoroughly appreciated learning from real-world business leaders who validated his path while challenging him to think outside the box and beyond the textbooks. Alex used some of the things he learned in the classroom to start running his own sneakers reselling business which can be found on Instagram under the name The Sneaker Gospel.

Alex graduated from Saint Paul College with an Associate of Business Transferology and through the support of his teachers, was able to land an exciting summer internship with the Washington Center near Washington, D.C., as funded by Federal Highway Administration. He worked as a financial control specialist for The Maritime Administration under the budgeting office. He dealt with and assisted in the process of closing government contracts. Alex is also currently enrolled at George Mason University where he is pursuing his B.S. degree in Business Analytics, with a minor in Government Contracting.

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