Semester Break 2017
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Semester Break 2017
our students

I do miss seeing all of our incredible students – they are the most vibrant members of our Saint Paul College community. However, I am glad they are getting a much-needed break between semesters. This has been a catch up week for me, but many of our staff, are still very busy tending to our new students’ needs by helping them to register for spring semester. Our staff and faculty’s intentional commitment and devotion to our students and the community is unparalleled, for which I am most grateful.

We are a student-centered institution that takes care of our students and our community, and I sincerely appreciate the number of students that we have served during this past year! This higher calling work could not be accomplished without the incomparable faculty and staff we have at Saint Paul College.

Here's a short recap of my week:

Meeting with Advocates for Deaf Community - I had the opportunity to meet with several advocates for the Deaf Community to address their training needs and how Saint Paul College can play a pivotal role in providing specific training for students who are deaf.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations Planning Meeting - In anticipation of Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundation Governance Committee meeting, I met with the vice president of Strategy and Communication to review the 2018 Governance Committee Work Plan, and devise the meeting agenda for the Governance Committee meeting.

Minnesota State System Office Meeting - I took part in the selection process of the next chancellor of Minnesota State.

Catholic Charities Tour – As a member of the United Hospital Foundation board, I toured the Higher Ground Saint Paul Shelter, with other board members.

Meeting with the CEO of Science Museum of MN - I met with the president/CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota, and also provided a tour of Saint Paul College. We are very fortunate to have this world class science museum near the College where our students can benefit from a variety of exhibits.

Meeting with the President/CEO of District Energy/Evergreen Energy – As a Board member of District Energy, I had an annual meeting with the president/CEO of District Energy and Evergreen Energy. We discussed strategic planning and their visions for the future. In the district energy field, District Energy St. Paul is considered the most notable in the United States for its use of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy conservation measures.

Appreciation Celebration of Saint Paul Deputy Mayor - I attended the appreciation and going away celebration for Saint Paul Deputy Mayor Kristin Beckmann at the Lynwood Recreation Center. I will miss my dear colleague and friend for her intentional work that made our community a better place for everyone in Saint Paul.

St. Paul Promise Neighborhood (PNAB) - I attended a Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Board of Directors meeting to discuss progress with current strategic planning, Promise Neighborhood Outcomes, and current strategies in progress, as well as steps we must take as a council as we embark on the new Strategic Planning process.

St. Catherine University Winter 2017 Commencement Address - I had the good fortune of giving the St. Catherine University Winter 2017 Commencement Address. My address focused on how each of us, as citizens and active members of our community, can influence positive change if we truly care for each other and show compassion for the most vulnerable, underserved, and underprivileged.

Faculty Interview - I along with the vice president of Academic Affairs interviewed a faculty finalist for a teaching position at the College. Investing in full-time faculty positions is a strategic priority, and advances our commitment to teaching and learning.

Lunch with a Donor/Community Leader – I met with a community member, generous donor, an avid supporter of Saint Paul College and the variety of programs that Saint Paul College provides to discuss fundraising priorities for the College.

In the news

Former McNally Smith students will throw benefit to help laid-off teachers I am saddened to hear the recent news of McNally Smith College of Music closing, and our hearts go out to all those affected. Saint Paul College is lending a helping hand. We need to care for our students in St. Paul, and we’ll do everything we can to help these students complete their degrees. This is the intentional work that makes Saint Paul College a truly caring institution.

Over the last year, events in our region, and around the nation and world, remind us of how important it is to show respect to each and every member of our college community, regardless of their background, heritage or experiences. A culture of inclusivity and intercultural competence are something we need to practice and continue to embrace each and every day. This is an asset that is most prevalent in our institution.

I’m extremely thankful to all those connected with Saint Paul College who continue to support our institution. I’m also extremely thankful for all of our faculty and staff whose dedication and commitment provides an exceptional place for our students to pursue an extraordinary education.

I wish you a relaxing and safe weekend and holiday season.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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