Seventeenth Week of Fall Semester 2017
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Seventeenth Week of Fall Semester 2017

​This week, fall semester classes ended and students took their finals, as I walked around the College and chatted with several of our students, I heard nothing but a collective and convincing voice of confidence from our students that they did well in their final exams.

Students alluded that the faculty and staff at Saint Paul College have been remarkable and supportive, encouraging students to be confident and excel. I wish all of our students a happy and well deserved break between semesters!

I know that some students are completing their programs this week, proud to have earned their degree, diploma or certificate and are on their way for the next exciting phase in their life journey. For others, our hard working staff in frontline offices are still bustling as prospective students prepare to start their journey here on January 8, 2018. For me, it is an honor to witness this remarkable transformation to success for many of our students.

The faculty, staff, and students at Saint Paul College are amazing, genuine people. Their unselfish kindness and gracious hospitality are the hallmarks of this college. This notion of caring for each other and our students is in our DNA. Thank you for making sure when our students start here, they can go anywhere.

Here’s a brief recap of the main meetings of my week:

Central Corridor Anchor Partnership – I attended the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership (CCAP) Executive Committee meeting to discuss and promote workforce system strategies for the healthcare occupational sector.

Greater Metropolitan Workforce Council Board Meeting - I along with private and public sector leaders attended the Greater Metropolitan Workforce Council Board meeting to discuss strategies that will benefit members of our communities who have traditionally been underserved and underemployed with a special focus on sector partnerships and career pathways to prosperity. Saint Paul College plays a critical role by training qualified talent for Minnesota’s economy and workforce shortage. Check out

Meeting with Sunrise Bank Team – the VP of Finance and Facilities, executive director of Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation, and I met with the president/CEO of Sunrise Banks and her team. We toured the campus and shared information about the viable role that Saint Paul College plays in escalating the economic prosperity of Minnesota State as well as promoting the economic mobility of ALL Minnesotans.

Farewell Celebration for Mayor Christopher Coleman - I attended a farewell celebration event for Mayor Christopher Coleman as he leaves office.

Meeting with the Director of Social Justice of Catholic Charities of Minneapolis and St. Paul - I along with the dean of Workforce Training and Continuing Education met with the director of Social Justice of Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis to discuss how to best partner with Catholic Charities and address their workforce training needs. Providing workforce training to underserved communities is a major strategic priority of Saint Paul College to promote and fulfill our goal of advancing equity and inclusion for residences of our community that Saint Paul College serves.

Saint Paul College Student Art Show - I along with 70 individuals attended Saint Paul College Students’ Art Exhibit Showcase. I am truly inspired by the talent and skills of our students. I’m grateful to our dedicated faculty who coach and guide our students by facilitating opportunities for success. Kudos to our students and faculty members.

Neighborhood House Holiday Party - As a Board member of Neighborhood House, I attended their holiday party. Neighborhood House is an intentional partner of Saint Paul College.

Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce East Metro Legislators and Public Officials Mixer - The College hosted a Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce East Metro Legislators and Public Officials Mixer networking opportunity. I welcomed this group of community leaders to the College. Saint Paul College plays a vital convening role in our community.

Meeting the Comprehensive Facilities Master Planning Architects - I along with the director of Saint Paul College Facilities and the VP of Finance and Facilities met with two architects who will be leading the Comprehensive Facilities Master Planning initiative at Saint Paul College to discuss future facilities design opportunities to better meet the needs of our students and our community.

Public Charter School Higher Ground Academy – Our vice president of Finance and Facilities, director of Facilities, and I met with the executive director of Higher Ground Academy public charter school to discuss partnerships, educational needs, and the role Saint Paul College can play in addressing those needs.

Saint Paul College Transfer Partnership with St. Catherine University - Saint Paul College signed a joint transfer agreement with St. Catherine University to promote access to over two dozen four-year degree programs for completion for Saint Paul College transfer students. In my remarks, I emphasized that Saint Paul College is extremely proud and honored to forge this new partnership with St. Catherine University, allowing more students to seamlessly transfer and have access to affordable four-year degrees, “When higher education institutions come together to provide more opportunities to our students, we make our community stronger.” For more information, please see:

I will end this week’s blog by reminding all of us that Saint Paul College is like a beautiful mosaic made from the rich diversity of our students, who come from all walks of life and many places from around the world. Our faculty and staff, are the supportive foundation of what holds this beautiful mosaic together, encouraging students as they make life changing transformations on their journeys to a bright future.

Thank you for your involvement and playing an active and critical role in this transformation!

As we end this fall semester, I offer you my humble gratitude for your unselfish commitment to our institution and students. Moreover, I thank you for being an encouraging voice when our students need you the most.

I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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