Seventh Week of Spring Semester 2018
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Seventh Week of Spring Semester 2018

This week I gave the welcome keynote during Faculty In-Service. I elaborated on the meaning of community. Community is formed when people have similar values, same purpose, and same goals. A community cares for its members. At Saint College, our intent has been, is and will always be, to care for each other and advance this notion that education has transformational power, not only for our students, but for us too. There is also learning for us in this symbiotic partnership with our students.

We all share a common goal of making sure that our student community succeeds in all they set forth to do. Our faculty help students reach great potential and realize their dreams. At Saint Paul College, we are fortunate to be able to be a part of changing lives every day, and as a community, we can do so much more.

  • We share knowledge and wisdom, and have the opportunity to learn new skills from one another.
  • We learn from each other’s mistakes and promising practices.
  • We make new connections, relationships, and friendships.
  • We inspire each other and help one another in times of need.

Being part of this community gives us additional meaning and a sense of belonging, and it deepens the impact we have on those we serve within our community.

As Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Here's a short recap of my week:

New Century Club

I spoke to a group of professional women from New Century Club about the future of Minnesota, both in terms of workforce talent shortage and the critical role that two-year colleges such as Saint Paul College play in escalating economic mobility and prosperity for all Minnesotans. Saint Paul College plays a critical role in graduating quality workforce talents for Minnesota’s employers in business/finance, IT, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation occupational clusters.

MAPE Meet and Confer

I met with the MAPE employee bargaining unit representatives to discuss operations of the College in their respective work areas as well as the College’s strategic priorities.

LEAD MN Meeting with Chancellor

LEAD MN Meeting with Chancellor

Interim Chancellor Malhotra and I met with the LeadMN community college students, as part of their monthly meeting. Ongoing open dialogues and connection with students is paramount to the success of Minnesota State and Saint Paul College.

City of Saint Paul Economic Development Partners

City of Saint Paul Economic Development Partners

Representatives for economic development from the City of Saint Paul with the executive director/president of Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Ramsey County deputy commissioner, president of Greater Saint Paul Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), president/CEO of Saint Paul Port Authority, and executive director of Riverfront Corporation and I to discuss economic development and workforce development issues related to Saint Paul and Ramsey County.

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

I attended a Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Board of Directors meeting to discuss progress with current strategic planning, Promise Neighborhood outcomes, and current strategies in progress, as well as steps we must take as a council as we embark on the new strategic planning process.

Student Success Metrics Work Group

Student Success Metrics Work Group

I along with several of my peers from the colleges and universities of Minnesota State attended a meeting to discuss relevant metrics that can be used to measure student success.

Minnesota State Weekly Legislative WebEx

I attended the weekly Minnesota State Legislative WebEx conference call where we discussed the latest developments at the Capitol and colleges and universities of Minnesota State’s legislative priorities.

East Side Neighborhood Services Minneapolis

East Side Neighborhood Services Minneapolis

I hosted the executive director of East Side Neighborhood Services Minneapolis and we discussed partnerships for accessing an affordable education for the constituencies that East Side Neighborhood Services serve in Northeast Minneapolis. Their services include support for multicultural and intergenerational audiences to help meet immediate needs or engage strategies to achieve self-sufficiency and stability. For more information, please see:

In the news:

Saint Paul College is addressing the workforce talent challenges that Minnesota is currently facing. Saint Paul College is a game changer by graduating quality graduates who can contribute to Minnesota’s economy and bring about prosperity.

Articles from MinnPost:

In the Shoreview Press:

Industry careers: Mounds View district’s early college possibilities expand
Mounds View Public Schools is adding a new aspect to its Early College programs at Mounds View and Irondale high schools, emphasizing industry and occupational college pathways for students who are interested in options other than a four-year college degree path. Saint Paul College along with other colleges of Minnesota have developed early college pathways.

I am always grateful to receive communications from former students as it reaffirms for me the purpose of this college and education, and that we are committed to ensure that when our students start here, they can go anywhere. I received an email from a former student who had transferred to the University of Minnesota to pursue her four-year degree, and I was touched by her story and experience when she attended Saint Paul College. She was recently featured in the U of M’s CE+HD connect magazine where she is quoted as saying “Just like you need water, you need education.” To read the full article go to:

HQ Trivia: If you follow the national sensation HQ Trivia, you might already know that Saint Paul College was one of answers this past Saturday, Feb. 17. The Saint Paul College answer was Q5 starting at about 4:45 of this video: - you can see in the upper corner that there were about 620K users on at the time of the question.

I will end this week’s blog by wishing you a relaxing and exciting weekend.

Be engaged and be encouraged by one another.

My best,
Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College

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