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Students Pour in Construction Support for Moms Haven of Hope

Imagine gaining invaluable real-world experience while pouring concrete for a worthy cause. That's exactly what twenty-one talented students from Saint Paul College did for Moms Haven of Hope, a local non-profit.

Moms Haven of Hope provides single moms with a home and a supportive community where they can develop life skills, complete their education, grow spiritually, and gain self-sufficiency.

Moms Pouring Pix  

This is the first house this non-profit has acquired to serve their community, and Saint Paul College students were happy to pour in their support. The students poured and leveled the patio and steps with utmost precision and attention to detail, impressing all stakeholders involved. Their hard work and cordial attitude were greatly appreciated by Moms Haven of Hope's leadership.

"We were impressed with the hard work and cordial attitude of all the students who worked hard on this project. They were fun to work with and did an excellent job cleaning up after work and providing us with an outstanding patio with support steps!"

Pam Powell, Executive Director – Moms Haven of Hope

But this project wasn't just about pouring concrete. It was about creating a haven for single moms to develop life skills, complete their education, and gain self-sufficiency. The program offers 12-18 months of transitional support to help these mothers get back on their feet.

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