The Fourteenth Week of Fall Semester
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The Fourteenth Week of Fall Semester

The inevitable, but beautiful change of the season has arrived with cooler than normal temperatures. It has been a short week with the Thanksgiving break right around the corner.

At Saint Paul College, we are not only grateful for cultural richness, personal attributes, and individual experiences that our students share with us from vast geographical locations around the globe, but also from many of our students from Minnesota and contiguous states.

These experiences, diversity of thoughts, culture, and belief system make our college a special place for everyone. As we say, if you start here, you can go anywhere. These are not simple words, but words with meanings and intentionality. For more than 105 years, Saint Paul College has been a welcoming place for many, and we will continue to be a place that will serve our community, the Twin Cities, and greater Minnesota.

This week’s activities included:

  • United Hospital Foundation - The Executive Director of Friends of Saint Paul College and I met with the Director of Development from United Hospital Foundation to discuss how to promote employee giving and engagement at the College.
  • Everybody In - I attended the Everybody In implementation team meeting. Everybody In is a transformative hub created to eliminate racial employment disparities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul seven-county region by 2020. Through dynamic super connector efforts, Everybody In unites equity thought leaders and resources throughout Minnesota.
  • Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Partnership Council - I attended the Saint Paul College Promise Neighborhood Partnership Council meeting.

I will end this week’s blog by sharing my personal story with you. More than three decades ago, I arrived in Minnesota as a young teenage immigrant and found it to be a safe place, which soon became my ‘home,’ to transition from being teenager to becoming a young college graduate and professional. The people of Minnesota welcomed me with their kindness and warmth. They infused in me a strong work ethic and my resolve for helping others. None of us can do this alone. Let’s give thanks that we are blessed with prosperity and opportunity in our community. Sharing this opportunity and prosperity with our neighbors will help us to thrive together.

I am grateful to be a part of Saint Paul College because of all your dedicated efforts to make this such a great place for learning, where together we can celebrate both our similarities and differences.

I wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My best,


Rassoul Dastmozd
President/CEO 651.846.1335

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