The Week Between Spring and Summer Terms 2015
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The Week Between Spring and Summer Terms 2015

This week was a catch up week for all of us at the College. The hardworking and dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators are working deligenlty to complete the details of spring semester and register students for summer term. We are getting ready for a peak enrollment Summer Session. We are also excited because we will welcome our students for summer term on Tuesday May 26, 2015.

Let me take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to our Legislators and Governor Dayton for allocating $100 Million to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. We are so fortunate to have visionary elected officials who value higher education and see it as an investment in Minnesota’s prosperity.

Here is an update of all the activities that I was engaged in during the week.

On Monday, I attended a workgroup and a board meeting at the St. Paul Foundation with the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. Our Chief Human Resources Officer, VP of Finance, Director of Business Services, Director of Public Safety and I met with our MAPE Bargaining Unit Leadership at the College. This was a productive meeting. I am proud of our MAPE Leadership Team at the College. We both have the mutual interest of our students and our staff in mind. Later on, our executive leadership team and I met with University of St. Thomas students who completed a special capstone project for the College.

On Tuesday, I attended the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustee meeting. I also met with a member of College’s Leadership Team about Executive Leadership Development opportunities in the upcoming year. My day ended by attending the St. Paul YWCA Sweet Success Event. The College has hosted this event for the past four years. The character and caring attitude of our employees at the College is remarkable. One of our guests attending the YWCA Sweet Success event had an accident. Our Public Safety Officer attended this guest’s needs and made sure our guest was made comfortable. This is a reassuring experience. We truly care for everyone who comes and visits our College.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting with the Executive Leadership team of the College, where we discussed budget and college work plan. We also discussed budgets for 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 academic years. I also attended a WebEx Planning meeting concerning Metro Baccalaureate degree with a workgroup of Metro Presidents, a team from System Office, as well as Metro Chief Academic Officers.

On Thursday, I attended a United Hospital New Foundation Board Member’s Orientation as well as a tour of United Hospital. I also brainstormed with a team of staff at the College to inform the Minnesota Office of Administration that Saint Paul College should be considered as the site for Special Legislative Session that has been proposed. I attended a phone conference with the Northside Funder’s Group and Minneapolis St. Paul Workforce Investment Network Board Members concerning investment and workforce system strategies that occupational sector based in Minneapolis.

On Friday, I met with a representative from the St. Paul Public Schools District to discuss partnerships between St. Paul Public Schools and Saint Paul College. I along with VP of Academic Affairs interviewed faculty members for a teaching position. I also attended a brief meeting about the Twin Cities Pride Parade coming up on June 28, 2015. The PRISM Campus Alliance at Saint Paul College, family and friends are also invited to participate. For more information, please see:

I can only offer you my heartfelt and humble “​Thank you” to all members of our Saint Paul College family who give so generously, day in and day out, to making this such a great place for our students! I wish all of our students a relaxing weekend and for those returning for summer term, a nice brief break! Don’t forget to register for summer and fall terms!

Finally, I wish you all a safe and relaxing weekend, and Memorial Day holiday may we all remember the people who died while serving in our country's armed forces, and also extend our gratitude and thanks to all who have served or are currently serving.


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