Third Week of Fall Semester
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Third Week of Fall Semester

​Connecting personally with our students is very important to me, and so I make sure I stop and talk with students throughout the day. I enjoy talking with our students at every opportunity that I get because these chats gives me firsthand experience to their insights at the College and what we can collectively do to make our students' journey a worthwhile experience at the College. We cannot pigeonhole any of our students as being one thing or another. Just last evening I talked with a Culinary Arts student who was a banker before he retired. Now he is living out his dream and says that the Culinary Arts program has been a fantastic experience for him.

I am grateful to our faculty and students who tirelessly work with our students and ensure that our students are receiving extra care at the College. For without our students, there will be no need for the College and our Community; after all, if we do not take care of our students and our community, who will?

Here is a short recap of my week:·

  • Politics and Speech on Campus - Attended a Minnesota Webinar that discussed politics and speech on campus. This seminar provided a refresher for regarding issues that arise on campus in the election season as well as in election-related activities and avoiding legal pitfalls. With the upcoming elections being right around the corner, the Saint Paul College Office of Student Life has developed a series activities for our students called “Democracy at Saint Paul College". For more info please go to
  • Welcome to Career Pathways Academy Students - I welcomed students from Saint Paul Public Schools to Saint Paul College Career Pathways Academy program. SPPS students will take classes in Business, Health, and IT academies at the College as a means for exploring their next step in higher education.
  • Comprehensive Workplace Solution Model meeting – Several Minnesota State administrators and presidents continued to work on a draft of the Comprehensive Workforce Solution Model. This model will be used to ensure we leverage our customized training and continuing education to strengthen Minnesota’s workforce in a manner that is financially sustainable. We presented this tentative CWS Model to Customized Training and Continuing Education Leadership Team from across the state.
  • Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network (MSPWin) – I attended the MSPWin Board meeting to discuss grant proposal applications and Equity Works initiative.
  • United Hospital Foundation - I attended a United Hospital Foundation meeting to discuss setting major gift priorities, strategies, and review the future facility master plan.
  • Management Team - I attended a management team meeting at the College where we discussed projects that the Management Team will undertake at the College in support of College’s work plan and major strategic priorities.
  • Metro Alliance Presidents Meeting - I attended Metro Alliance President meeting and a joint meeting with Metro Chief Academic Affairs Officers hosted by Hennepin Technical College.
  • I will end this week’s blog by reminding everyone why we come to work at Saint Paul College each and every day, and that is to make a profound difference in the lives of our students and our community. For so many of us, our work is an avocation, with a sense of higher calling, as we do all we can to help transform lives, by touching one person’s life at a time!

    To our faculty and staff, thank you for going the extra mile this week; to our students, thank you for trusting us with your future.

    I wish you a relaxing weekend.

    Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
    Saint Paul College

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