Thirteenth Week of Spring Semester 2018
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Thirteenth Week of Spring Semester 2018

​​It brightens my day when I hear about the extraordinary quality of education that our students receive each and every semester at Saint Paul College. I sparked a conversation with one of our students this week about his experience at Saint Paul College. He replied, “I have been to many states and studied in several institutions of higher education, by far, my experience at Saint Paul College is exquisite. I marvel at the diversity of our students at the College. I am impressed by the quality of our faculty and dedication and commitment from staff.”

I am grateful to our hardworking staff and faculty who are the solid foundation of Saint Paul College. Together, we care for our students so they can achieve the highest milestones of success in their lives.​

Here’s a short recap of my activities this week:​

Minnesota State Leadership Council

Minnesota State Leadership Council

I attended the Minnesota State leadership council meeting with other Minnesota State presidents. We discussed progress with Minnesota State’s Strategic priorities, Finance, Capital Projects, Enrollment, launching ERP/Next Gen, strategic approaches to a Legislative supplemental request by investing on higher education, innovation and collaborative funding, multi-campus collaboration, academic planning, and operating budget outlook and legislative strategic priorities.

Comprehensive Workplace Solutions Conversation

I met with my president colleagues and the interim executive director of Comprehensive Workplace Solutions of Minnesota State and the steering committee team, to discuss how we can leverage our workforce training and continuing education programs to strengthen Minnesota’s workforce in a manner that is financially sustainable. Additionally, we discussed the development of tentative outcome measures and metrics.

Twin Cities Metro Baccalaureate Plan

I met with several Metro area college presidents and Minnesota State system office leadership team members (Twin Cities Metro Baccalaureate) to discuss a Metro area Baccalaureate Plan.

Minnesota State Weekly Legislative WebEx

I attended the weekly Minnesota State Legislative WebEx conference call where we discussed the latest developments at the Capitol and the legislative priorities of the colleges and universities of Minnesota State.

Liberal and Fine Arts Dean Interviews

I took part in the College’s interview process of searching for a new dean of Liberal and Fine Arts.

Neighborhood House Board of Directors Meeting

Neighborhood House Board of Directors Meeting

I attended a Neighborhood House Board of Directors meeting. We discussed policies, strategies, fundraising, and connections with the community. Neighborhood House is an intentional partner of the College.

SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T)

SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T)

I had a conversation with several of our Leadership Team members to explore opportunities by applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training funding. Saint Paul College can provide SNAP participants the opportunity to gain skills, training, or work experience to increase their ability to obtain regular employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency. SNAP E&T offers funding to states to provide a package of employment and training services to SNAP participants, which States set forth in their annual SNAP E&T Plans. States have considerable flexibility to determine which SNAP participants to serve (including whether participation will be voluntary or mandatory), which specific services – or components – to offer, and who will provide the services (the State, or community colleges, community-based organizations (CBOs) and/or American Job Centers engaged by the State).

Emerging Workforce Worker Hmong American Partnership (HAP)

Emerging Workforce Worker Hmong American Partnership (HAP)

I along with interim dean of Career and Technical Education visited Hmong American Partnership to discuss the potential for partnerships between Saint Paul College and HAP that ultimately provides access to workforce training for HAP constituencies and the community that HAP serves. These partnerships lead into gainful employment with livable wages for workers.

Chief Diversity Officer/Chief Human Resource Officer Minnesota State Conference

I gave the welcome keynote at the Chief Diversity Officer/Chief Human Resource Officer Minnesota State Conference held at Saint Paul College. I emphasized the critical role that CDOs and CHROs play in supporting each of their institutions and recruiting and on-boarding talent.

Conversation with Center of the American Experiment

Conversation with Center of the American Experiment

I had a phone conversation with the director of the Center of the American Experiment to discuss the critical role that Saint Paul College plays in providing viable workforce training programs that lead to gainful employment and livable wages.

Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference

Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference

I will attend the Higher Learning Commission conference in Chicago this weekend. The Saint Paul College is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region, comprised of 19 states.

Saint Paul College Student in the News

GaoZong and Mai Shoua are being the change they want to see
Saint Paul College student GaoZong and best friend Mai Shoua, a student at Century College, are the hosts of Hear Us Out podcast, produced by Youthprise, “where they invite youth to speak their truths and break down social justice issues. They discuss everything from race to mental wellness, politics, and singing out of key in a drive-thru lane.”

Articles regarding higher education and upward mobility

I sincerely thank ALL of our staff and faculty for your dedication and commitment for the work that you do each and every day to provide opportunities for success for our students.

I will end this week’s blog by wishing you a relaxing weekend.

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD
Saint Paul College​

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