Twelfth Week of Spring Semester 2015
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Twelfth Week of Spring Semester 2015

While spring has arrived, I guess the warmth has decided not to stay! While weather can be a little unpredictable, it’s important to note that Saint Paul College remains a warm and caring place for all members of our College Community – and I’ll take that over good weather any day!

Here is an update of all the activities that I was engaged in during the week.

On Saturday through Monday, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Institutional Research and I attended the Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference in Chicago. Approximately 4,000 Board of Trustee members, faculty, staff, and administrators attended this conference. The upshot of this conference was all about more accountability measures being placed on institutions of higher education, and a review of what the new guidelines for Accreditation and Federal Compliance mean for ALL institutions of higher education. Saint Paul College will complete its HLC Reaffirmation in 2018-2019

On Tuesday, I attended a Charting the Future Student Success WebEx meeting. My workgroup reviewed policies that are barriers to student success. The Dean of Workforce Training and Continuing Education and the Executive Director of Friends of Saint Paul College and I attended the Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM) Open House in their new location in Roseville. Saint Paul College hosts a significant number of Karen students. I also met with the executive director of Saint Paul Building & Construction Trades Council to discuss partnership in Construction Skills Trades Workforce Readiness initiatives.

On Wednesday, April Fool’s Day passed with no major jokes played on me. I met with members of the College’s Executive Leadership Team to continue discussions on the College budgets for 2015 and 2016, progress with the College Work Plan and our progress with the College’s long range goals. I also met with the Executive Director of Friends of Saint Paul College, her team, and a consultant to discuss status update on the Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation Strategic plan.

On Thursday, I met with the workgroup in charge of coordinating the upcoming Saint Paul College Graduation Ceremony, which will be held on May 14, 2015. To our graduating class of 2015, hang in there, we will see you cross the finish line and celebrate your success soon. We are so proud of you. I’m looking forward to another wonderful celebration! In the afternoon, the College hosted the Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board meeting. Board members listened to a presentation made by our dean of Workforce Training and Continuing Education about the Trading Up program. For more information about Trading Up, Board members also toured the Campus. In the evening, I attended Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Induction Ceremony at the College. The College’s PTK membership is approximately 400+ students strong, with 50+ new members, and over 25 new inductees. Many thanks to our PTK Chapter’s student executive team, as well as their faculty advisors, for their contributions, commitment, and dedication. This year’s major milestones include:

  • At the Minn-Kota PTK conference, it was announced that the chapter again received 5-star status!
  • Distinguished Theme Award (Theme 9/Borders and Boundaries) for the Honors in Action Project, "Map to Me: Thoughts on Crossing Borders and Boundaries"
  • 1st Runner Up, College Project Award for the chapter's College Project promoting college completion
  • 1st Runner Up, Most Distinguished Chapter in the Minn-Kota region. This last award is very prestigious because it indicates the combined score for both of the chapter's projects was the 2nd highest in our region.

Ms. Beth Arnold received the Distinguished Advisor Award. She was nominated by students in our chapter for her significant contributions aiding in our chapter’s development. Congratulations, Beth, on this remarkable honor! With these great faculty leaders at the helm, I know our students will reach new heights, additional honors and more recognition!

On Friday, I caught up with some tasks and work projects on campus.

As a final thought for the week, I am pleasantly surprised how our college community pulls together when our students are in need of extra care and emergencies. I witnessed such care this week, both in the College Library and a counselor’s office. Both students experienced distress as each encountered emergencies. Our caring Library Staff, Counselor, and Public Safety Officers ensured that our students received the medical assistance that each needed. Fortunately, both students are doing well.

At the end of this twelfth week, I offer my gratitude to our staff, faculty, and members of our administrative team who go the extra mile to provide a caring and welcoming learning environment for our students. Many thanks to our students for giving us the opportunity to serve them.

To our students and anyone else, I hope you enjoyed the 12th week of the semester. Final exams are coming! Don’t forget to register for Summer Term! Plan on inviting your friends and family members to the Saint Paul College Open House, which will be held on April 8, 2015 from 5-8 pm.

I wish you a safe and relaxing Weekend.


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