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Upward Career Mobility can be Yours in the Hospitality Field

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In the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s April 14, 2022, Economic Development report, Leisure and Hospitality gained an 18.1% increase of 36,198 jobs in the past year. According to TPI Hospitality, a leading hospitality company in Minnesota, hospitality is a gratifying career field for many reasons:

“Hospitality is in every city and state; hospitality can be felt and seen everywhere. We have the unique opportunity and ability to make people feel at home. A career in hospitality offers so much more than a paycheck. It provides an opportunity to create personal success by helping those around us succeed. That personal success fuels lifelong opportunities to make a difference. Getting paid to impact the lives of others; now that’s a win-win outcome!”

Ben Coady & Pete Bromelkamp, TPI Hospitality

With consumers returning to in-person experiences, the hospitality industry is booming again, and so are the jobs. As employers search for candidates to fill management positions, personnel with the right combination of experience and education often rise to the top to fill these higher-paying positions.

You can now earn a Hospitality Management Certificate in just one year going to school part-time while gaining invaluable work experience. For those looking for upward mobility in exciting hospitality fields such as sports & entertainment, tourism, hotels, restaurants, and many others, a Hospitality Management certificate provides opportunities to move up from entry-level positions. In addition to enhancing your upward mobility, the skills and practices taught in the Hospitality program are very transferable to other industries, further expanding your value in the marketplace.

According to Hospitality Minnesota, hospitality is Minnesota’s 2nd most prominent industry, so earning a Hospitality Management Certificate can help you move up the ladder within a vital sector. Just look at what this education has provided for a recent alum:

“My time as a student in the Hospitality Management program at Saint Paul College allowed me to refine and improve my skills as a manager in the industry. Having already had years of hotel and restaurant management experience, my time there allowed me to reflect on my current management abilities and ways to be a better manager. This education resulted in my being a better manager for my teams. I was able to go right back into the field after graduating, and my degree has allowed me more leverage when negotiating salaries and positions. The hospitality industry is thriving and always looking for more managers in the field. Whether in hotels, restaurants, or event management, there are plenty of opportunities for someone interested in the field, especially those with a degree or certificate in hospitality management.”

Clinton Heino, Saint Paul College Alum

General Manager, avid Hotel Roseville – Minneapolis North

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