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​International Student Services Dependents


If you are married or have a child or children, you may want to bring your dependents as F-2s. You need to speak or contact the international student advisor for more information. You must show an additional $6000 in funding for the first dependent and $3000 for every additional dependent. Saint Paul College would issue you a F-1 I-20 and F-2 I-20s for each of your dependents. Your dependents would have to apply for a F-2 visa. Your F-2 spouse is not eligible to work in the US and cannot obtain a Social Security Number. Your F-2 dependent children can attend public school while in the US. The F-2 dependents can stay in the US as long as the F-1 maintains his/her legal F-1 status. If the F-1 departs the US permanently, the F-2s must also depart. As the F-1, you can either bring your spouse and children when you first come, or you may also bring them after you have arrived in the US.

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