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All student support services are being provided remotely until further notice. As a result, information on this page may not be correct. Refer to the remote student services listing for current information on service availability.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Payroll Pay Periods

The following is a list of pay periods, submission dates and pay dates. The two-week pay period will begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday. In order to ensure work-study students receive their pay checks on time, students should electronically submit their timesheets by 12 Noon on the submission date. A reminder email will be sent to all work-study students the morning timesheets are due.

Any questions should be directed to Bao Yang-Moua, Financial Aid Officer, 651.403.4383, email bao.yang-moua@saintpaul.edu​.

Students may not work more than 20 hours per week, 40 hours per pay period.

collapse Semester : Fall Semester 2019 ‎(10)
PayPeriod8/21/19 - 9/3/19
eTimesheet Due9/4/2019
Pay Date9/13/2019
PayPeriod9/4/19 - 9/17-19
eTimesheet Due9/18/2019
Pay Date9/2/2019
PayPeriod9/18/19 - 10/1/19
eTimesheet Due10/2/2019
Pay Date10/11/2019
PayPeriod10/2/19 - 10/15/19
eTimesheet Due10/16/2019
Pay Date10/25/2019
PayPeriod10/16/19 - 10/29/19
eTimesheet Due10/30/2019
Pay Date11/8/2019
PayPeriod10/30/19 - 11/12/19
eTimesheet Due11/13/2019
Pay Date11/22/2019
PayPeriod11/13/19 - 11/26/19
eTimesheet Due11/27/2019
Pay Date12/6/2019
PayPeriod11/27/19 - 12/10/19
eTimesheet Due12/11/2019
Pay Date12/20/2019
PayPeriod12/11/19 - 12/24/19
eTimesheet Due12/25/2019
Pay Date1/3/2020
PayPeriod12/25/19 - 1/7/20
eTimesheet Due1/8/2020
Pay Date1/17/2020
collapse Semester : Spring Semester 2020 ‎(9)
PayPeriod1/8/20 - 1/21/20
eTimesheet Due1/22/2020
Pay Date1/31/2020
PayPeriod1/22/20 - 2/4/20
eTimesheet Due2/5/2020
Pay Date2/14/2020
PayPeriod2/5/20 - 2/18/20
eTimesheet Due2/19/2020
Pay Date2/28/2020
PayPeriod2/19/20 - 3/3/20
eTimesheet Due3/4/2020
Pay Date3/13/2020
PayPeriod3/4/20 - 3/17/20
eTimesheet Due3/18/2020
Pay Date3/27/2020
PayPeriod3/18/20 - 3/31/20
eTimesheet Due4/1/2020
Pay Date4/10/2020
PayPeriod4/1/20 - 4/14/20
eTimesheet Due4/15/2020
Pay Date4/24/2020
PayPeriod4/15/20 - 4/28/20
eTimesheet Due4/29/2020
Pay Date5/8/2020
PayPeriod4/29/20 - 5/12/20
eTimesheet Due5/13/2020
Pay Date5/22/2020

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