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Student Records Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find my unofficial transcript?

2. Do I need to request/pay for an official transcript if I am transferring to another Minnesota State University or College?

3. How do I order an official transcript?

4. How do I access my enrollment verification?

5. Where do I find my GPA and completion rate?

6. How do I know if my courses transferred in?

7. How do I transfer my credits to another college/university?

8. How do I give someone access to my records?

9. Do I have to apply to graduate even if I don’t plan on participating in the ceremony?

10. As a current student, how can I change my major?

11. Where can I find the majority of Student Records forms?

12. How do I appeal my transfer of credit evaluation?

13. I want to use military education benefits, what is my first step?

14. I earned an FN or FW in one of my classes but I want to change this to a W, how do I do this?

15. Can you tell me if this course will transfer in before I register for it?

16. How do I get a syllabus?

17. How do I change my mailing address, personal email address, or phone numbers?

18. I just added a course to my schedule. When will it show up in my D2L?

19. I lost my original diploma, how to I order a replacement diploma?

20. I am a visiting student and the class I want to take has a prerequisite that I took at my home school. How do I register?

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