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All student support services are being provided remotely until further notice. As a result, information on this page may not be correct. Refer to the remote student services listing for current information on service availability.​

Tutoring Guidelines for Online Appointments

Student Responsibilities
  1. Arrive to your online appointment prepar​ed to meet with your tutor. When possible, share your assignment instructions, textbook, specific questions, and/or the work you have done on the assignment with your tutor before the beginning of the session. Do as much of the assignment as you can before making an appointment with a tutor.
  2. Leave enough time to learn. Make your online tutoring appointments for when you will have enough time to use the information from your tutor to make your work better.
  3. During your online appointment, focus on your work with the tutor. Treat your online tutoring session the same way you would an in-person tutoring session.
    1. Avoid eating, leaving the room, and conversations with other people during the tutoring session.
    2. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use any illegal substance during your tutoring session.
    3. Do not drive during your tutoring session.
    4. If possible, be in a private space during the tutoring session.
  4. Tutoring does not take the place of your instructor’s online lessons. The tutors are here to answer specific questions you may have after you take part in your instructor’s online lessons and after you’ve attempted your assignment. If you miss an online lesson, you must contact your instructor to receive any missed work and instruction.
Tutor Responsibilities
  1. Your tutor will not check your homework or proofread your writing, but they will discuss patterns of errors and how you can correct those errors on your own.
  2. Your tutor will help you understand your assignment, explain key concepts, and improve your study skills.
  3. Your tutor will show you ways to learn the material on your own. This will help you to improve your work when studying independently.
  4. Your tutor will share appropriate resources, such as websites or handouts that can help you continue to improve your skills.
General Policies
  1. All tutoring will be online and by appointment only. Academic Support cannot guarantee tutoring to all students. Online appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Because of the limited online appointments available, the student is expected to attend and participate in their scheduled online appointment. If they can no longer keep their appointment, they must cancel or reschedule at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. If a student misses their scheduled appointment, it is considered a “no-show.” After three no-shows, the student will not be able to schedule an online tutoring appointment for one week.
  3. Individual online tutoring appointments are limited to a maximum of 60 minutes per student, per subject, per day. Individual online tutoring appointments are limited to 180 minutes (3 hours) per week. You are expected to work independently between sessions and make progress on your assignment before making another appointment to work with a tutor. This 60-minute limit does not apply to online group study sessions a tutor may host; you are welcome to join those in addition to an individual online appointment.
  4. There is no tutoring available for placement tests. However, we will direct you to websites that can help you practice taking computer-based assessments.
  5. Students are expected to follow the Saint Paul College Code of Conduct.
  6. College resources, including online tutoring, are reserved for Saint Paul College students.
  7. Tutors will not help with online tests and quizzes.
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