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All student support services are being provided remotely until further notice. As a result, information on this page may not be correct. Refer to the remote student services listing for current information on service availability.

​If You Are a Victim of a Crime or Witness a Crime

  1. Call the Department of Public Safety at 651.846.1322 or 651.846.1394 and/or the Saint Paul City Police at 651.291.1111​ for any emergency including medical assistance, fires, suspicious people or activities, crime reports, traffic accidents, or other illegal activities.
  2. Submit a description of the offender(s), including sex, age, race, hair, clothing, and other distinguishable features. Attempt to provide a description and license number of any vehicle involved. Note the direction taken by offender(s) or vehicle(s) and report those to the Department of Public Safety or the Saint Paul Police Department.
  3. Preserve the crime scene: Do not touch any items involved in the incident. Close off the area of the incident and do not allow anyone in the crime area until Public Safety and/or Saint Paul Police Department arrive.
  4. Public Safety will accept third-party reports in cases of sexual assault in order to protect the victim's identity.
  5. Persons filing a complaint with Public Safety will be provided a copy of the College Incident Report, upon request to the Director of Public Safety.

All employees, faculty or staff who become aware of an allegation of violation of College policy, student code of conduct, civil or criminal law should report the allegation to their supervisor and Department of Public Safety. The following people with significant responsibility for student and campus activities (not including counselors) must report potential criminal activity of which they are aware to campus security:

  • President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Business Manager, Bookstore Manager, Department Chairs, Child Care Center Manager, Financial Aid Supervisor, Human Resources Director, Affirmative Action Officer, Transfer Coordinators, Registrar, as well as any supervisors, and assistants for the College.

    These individuals should not attempt to investigate, but should instead report and allow Campus Security to investigate.

All persons in the College community are encouraged to assist anyone in reporting alleged criminal activity by contacting Public Safety and/or the Saint Paul Police Department, as well as providing assistance in making the report.

Student Organizations with control of any facility are encouraged to report safety and security concerns to Public Safety.

Counselors are required to provide statistical information relating to crimes on campus but may continue to honor the confidentiality of victims.​

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