Multi-Generational Workforce Diversity Training in Saint Paul College MN
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​​​Generations: Working Together

Part One - Harnessing the Potential of the Multigenerational Workplace

Every organization is experiencing a new set of workplace dynamics based on the phenomenon of four generations working together, either in its own workforce or in its client, customer, and supplier base. The potential for misunderstanding, frustration, and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity. Gain insights, strategies, and skills to help minimize generational conflict and strengthen collaboration. Define key characteristics of the four generations with multigenerational workforce training in St. Paul.

  • Identify issues and situations influenced by generational differences
  • Apply practical tips for working successfully in a multigenerational workplace
  • Demonstrate applying the M.E.E.T. model in working effectively across generations
Part Two - Engaging the Four Generations: A Leader’s Guide

(Pre-requisite: Part One)

This is the first time we’ve had four different generations toiling together in the workplace, which adds complexity and stress to the leader’s life. The new challenge is equipping leaders to adapt their use of fundamental skills to the unique needs and characteristics of each generation. This session will enhance and expand the morning session with specifically designed activities for managers, keeping in mind their specific responsibilities. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss, practice, and apply what they have learned through guided help for application. This​ course will explore how to best engage the workers in each group how to manage, mediate, and motivate in the multi-generational workplace with multigenerational workforce training in St. Paul.

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