Workplace Skills Training in Saint Paul MN
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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

​​​​​Workplace Skills

Building Trus​t
In this workplace training course in St. Paul​, leaders learn how to avoid the trust traps and take action to create an environment in which people take risks, identify and solve problems, and work together to create and sustain high levels of trust.

Facilitating Change
This course shows leaders how to make change a positive experience for others by focusing people on a shared vision, building business partnerships, championing ongoing improvement, and creating an environment in which learning is encouraged.

Launching a Successful Team
The course provides practical, actionable tools to help members stay on track, avoid the problems that plague many teams, and achieve success.

Mastering Interaction Skills
Using job-related situations, this supplement helps leaders significantly improve their confidence and mastery in using the IM leadership skills.

Resolving Conflict
This course teaches leaders how to recognize that a conflict is escalating and minimize damage by using the most appropriate resolution tactic–regardless of which stage a conflict is in.

​Supporting Others
In this course, leaders learn how to proactively create an environment in which people are highly motivated to perform.

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