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Register​ f​or Classes​​​

​​​​First time course registration at Saint Paul College

Before you can register for classes for the first time, you must apply to Saint Paul College, complete the Admissions process, and attend Orientation​.

If you have already applied and completed the Admissions process, you can register according to the dates listed below. ​​​​

Current and Returning Students ​

Current and returning students can register for classes in ​eServices according to the dates listed below. ​​

Spring Semester 2018 Registration

Spring Semester 2018​ Course Schedul​e

Priority Registration started October 18, 2017 for current students.

Registration started ​November 2, 2017 for new and returning students.

Late Start Courses still available in March 2018!

Summer Session 2018 Registration

Course Schedule will be available online starting February 12, 2018.

R​egistration begins March 2, 2018 for all students.

Fall Semester 2018 Registration

Course Schedule will be available online starting March 5, 2018.

Priority Registration b​egins March 21, 2018 for current students.

Registration begins April 2, 2018 for new and returning students.

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To register for classes, you will need your StarID and StarID password. If you do not recall your StarID and StarID password, you can retrieve it at eServices​.

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