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Saint Paul College is a warm, inclusive campus where learners of every age, race, and background are welcome. We are one of the most diverse colleges in Minnesota, so you’ll fit in no matter who you are or where you’re from.

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Please allow at least 45 minutes to complete the college application and at least 60 minutes to complete the Financial Aid application.


Discover all there is to love about Saint Paul College.

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There are many reasons why to attend Saint Paul College. For some, it’s our welcoming, inclusive campus. For others, it’s the money they can save. And let’s not forget the 100+ degree, certificate, and diploma programs you can take to launch your career or take with you should you choose to transfer.



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Investing in yourself
has never been easier.

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Understanding financial aid.

Despite already being one of the most affordable ways to get a college degree, our students are still eligible for and receive plenty of financial aid. This includes a variety of options from scholarships, to grants, loans, work study, and more.

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Getting scholarship opportunities.

The best thing about scholarships is that they give you money for academic expenses you never have to pay back. After a straightforward application process, you’ll be automatically matched with any scholarships, AKA free money, you are eligible to receive.

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Seeing options for paying tuition.

Complete your two-year degree with us and begin your career or transfer over to complete a four-year degree elsewhere. Either way, you will easily save tens of thousands of dollars by making the decision to get a high-quality education at Saint Paul College.

Hellen, a student at Saint Paul College.

Student stories


In 2022, Hellen enrolled at Saint Paul College, attracted by its professional staff and business programs. Since her enrollment, Hellen has been actively participating in student clubs and working at the Career Services office while thriving academically.

Loren, a student at Saint Paul College.

Student stories


Loren is a determined student at SPC, studying to earn an Associate of Arts Degree. Loren's decision to pursue her degree at SPC was spontaneous after she moved back to Minnesota from Baltimore, but has since unfolded into a pursuit of human service roles and playwriting.

Nathan, a student at Saint Paul College.

Student stories


From the green city parks of Hamburg, Germany, to studying psychology at SPC in the Twin Cities, Nathan's college journey is a testament to cultural immersion and academic curiosity.

Sher, a student at Saint Paul College.

Student stories


Sher is a soon-to-be graduate of Saint Paul College's Cosmetology program. Her journey at SPC has been marked by immense growth, knowledgeable guidance, and unwavering support from faculty and staff.

Darrial, a student at Saint Paul College.

Student stories


Darrail is a dedicated Early Childhood Education student at SPC. Originally from the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul, MN. Darrail chose to study at SPC for its community-oriented approach and the opportunities he saw unfolding around the school.


Ways we can help assist you.

If you’re looking for additional resources related to admissions, we’re here to help. We’ve created this list of resources to help guide you in your journey. Feel free to contact our admissions team for any questions you have.

Phone: 651.846.1555

Ethics and Code of Conduct
Saint Paul College’s Admissions and Recruitment team is dedicated to engaging and informing prospective students and interested parties, aiming to assist them in their journey towards enrollment at the College. As a proud member of the Minnesota Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC), the team upholds the ethical principles outlined in the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) Guide to Ethical Practice, along with complying with the MinnState System Procedure 1C.0.1