City View Grille

The City View Grille is an on-campus restaurant operated by the Saint Paul College Culinary Arts program. Located in the southeast corner of the College on the main floor, the City View Grille has a view of Downtown St. Paul, the State Capitol, and the Cathedral of St. Paul. Visitor parking is available in the parking lot via the Marshall Street entrance. Schedule subject to change without notice.

City View Grille sign.

Contact Information

For questions about the City View Grille, please contact Culinary Arts Department Chair Sara Johannes.

News & Updates

For the most up-to-date news and special events, follow City View Grille on Facebook.

Students preparing food in the Culinary Arts program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about City View Grille, check our our FAQs.

frequently asked questions

Does The City View Grille still have buffets on Fridays?

No. The Grille is no longer open on Fridays and we do not have buffets anymore.

Is the City View Grille open in the evening?

No. We no longer have an evening class in the City View Grille.

Does the Culinary Department provide catering services?

No. This is not a service that we offer. If you are interested in catering through Saint Paul College, our cafeteria can help you.

Where can I see a menu for the City View Grille?

Menus are posted outside the City View Grille on days that the restaurant is open. These are not available beforehand as our students are still working on creating their menu as part of their class.

Do you have a mailing list so I can receive emails about services and events?

We do not have an email list, but we do have a Facebook page that we try our best to update frequently with special events.

Do you take reservations for lunch?

No. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis for our lunches.

I would like to bring a large group to the City View Grille. Is this possible?

It depends. We can often accommodate larger groups if we know about them well ahead of time. This is subject to availability. We would also kindly remind our guests that this is a classroom, and that accommodating their group needs to work with classroom learning objectives and/or the capabilities of the class.

Your schedule online said that you were open, but when I arrived the Grille was closed? Why did this happen?

This can happen due to instructor illness, or when it is decided that the class needs supplemental learning opportunities. We understand that this is frustrating when it happens and do our best to announce unforeseen closures on our Facebook page. We appreciate your willingness to participate in our classroom with us. If you are traveling from a distance or are unable to change your lunch plans to another of Saint Paul’s wonderful restaurants, we recommend you check the Facebook page before you leave for any last-minute updates that may have been posted.