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The cost to attend Saint Paul College.

The cost to attend Saint Paul College is based upon the tuition rates in effect at the time a student takes the desired course, plus any associated fees. The Board of Trustees for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities establishes tuition rates annually. Tuition rates are established on a per-credit basis for all credit course offerings and are subject to change.

Tuition Office Hours
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Exciting enrollments news. Tuition rates are frozen. Our tuition rates will not increase at Saint Paul College through Spring 2025.

Current Tuition Fee Rates

2024 Spring Semester rates. Tuition payment is due on or before December 13, 2023.

On Campus Class*Online Internet Class
Tuition Per Credit$182.87 – $277.14$204.20
MSCSA **$0.35$0.35
Student Activity$4.00$4.00
Parking/Safety/Facilities Fees$9.33$9.33
Health Services Fees$3.05$3.05
Total Tuition & Fees Per Credit$210.60 – $304.87$231.93

* All fees and charges are subject to change. Tuition rates may vary.
* Special course fees may apply to selected courses. View the course schedule online; make your course selection; place cursor over the course title to view details and cost of the course.
** The MSCSA Fee is assessed by the Minnesota State College Student Association.
Please budget for books and class materials in addition to tuition.


Use the Net Price Calculator to determine your costs.

The Net Price Calculator is a tool for students and parents to use to get an estimate of what it may cost to attend Saint Paul College. These costs include not only tuition and fees, but books, transportation and other costs of living while attending college.

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Receive financial assistance.

As part of our mission to be one of the most affordable community colleges in St. Paul, not only do we keep our tuition low, but we also offer a wide variety of financial aid options to help finance the cost of an education.


Paying and managing your college costs.

Saint Paul College provides several different options for paying your tuition and fees. Invoices are not mailed. You must check your account balance online and pay any balance due by the posted due dates on the academic calendar.


Additional tuition information.

Tuition for Senior Citizens

Minnesota residents, age 62 or older, may register and be eligible to attend Saint Paul College at a reduced rate. To receive the senior rate, the student must register for the course after the first class session has taken place, provided space is available.

Rate and guidelines:

  • Credit Classes: $20.00 per credit plus applicable fees.
  • Minnesota resident senior citizens are not charged tuition when auditing a credit course or taking a noncredit course. The request to audit must be made at the time of registration for the course. The “Request for Audit Status” form is available in the One Stop.
  • Closed enrollment contract training, courses designed and offered specifically and exclusively for senior citizens, or professional continuing education courses are not eligible for a free/or reduced rate.
  • Charges for materials, personal property or services charges must be paid by the Senior Citizen.

Senior citizens who register for courses before the first day of each course are charged the regular tuition rate. Courses may not be subsequently dropped and re-added to receive the senior rate.

Paying Tuition

Payment may be made in one of 7 ways. Avoid waiting in line. Pay your tuition online. It’s easy! 

View all payment options

Students receiving financial aid assistance, scholarships or third party payment of fees are responsible for verifying that applications, awards and billing authorizations have been finalized and received by the Tuition Office prior to the posted tuition due date.

Disbursement of any financial aid award over your total billing at the College will be made beginning the 3rd week of each term. You must select a refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information:

Drop for NonPayment

Students must pay or make payment arrangements for their tuition and fees by the published due dates. Failure to pay or make arrangements to pay tuition and fees may result in courses being dropped for non-payment. Please note that course registrations will not be dropped for students who have applied for financial aid. Course registrations will not be dropped even if a student is not approved for financial aid. Students who do not intend to take courses during a given semester must officially drop their courses on their own before the start of the term. Students who have not deregistered are responsible for the unpaid balance. Refer to the Tuition Due Dates on the web or the College Calendar.

Late Fee

A late fee of up to $30.00 is charged when tuition is not paid in full by the payment deadline. Students with tuition deferments (financial aid, agency or employer authorizations) must notify the Tuition Office by the payment deadline or a late fee will be charged. For students registering after the due date, tuition is due the day of registration.

Tuition Refund Policy and Schedule

Students who withdraw or drop from all courses must give formal notification to the College by withdrawing or dropping online from all classes to be eligible for a tuition refund according to the refund schedule.

Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. You can submit a withdrawal on line by logging into your student account.

Students who miss class the first week without making prior arrangements for all absences in advance with their instructor may receive a “FN” grade and are responsible to pay all the charges.

Withdraw from courses


We’re here to help answer your questions.

Tuition and fee rates for Saint Paul College are also available in the Tuition Office. The Tuition Office staff can help assist you with managing costs by answering questions and providing guidance. You can also contact the Tuition Office at or 651.846.1395

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