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The Advancement and Communications Department at Saint Paul College is a pivotal, interdisciplinary unit that actively promotes the college to diverse internal and external audiences. This comprehensive department oversees marketing, including the web team, public relations, and external communications. In addition, it manages the Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation, grants, and supports government relations. 

Playing a crucial role in building connections both inside and outside the college, Advancement and Communications takes the lead in fundraising, marketing, and public relations. The Vice President for Advancement and Communications directly represents the college when dealing with the media, legislature, and the public. For all media inquiries, direct your communication to Austin Calhoun, Vice President of Advancement and Communications.

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Marketing Committee 
The College Marketing Committee meets monthly September – May. Membership includes staff, faculty and current student representation. The mission of the Marketing Committee is to recommend strategies to increase the visibility of the College. The committee also reviews marketing and recruitment collateral and initiatives, and provides feedback at each meeting. 

Inappropriate Material
The following materials are inappropriate for inclusion on any page:

  • copyrighted information without written consent of the copyright owner 
  • information libelous to groups or individuals 
  • information that violates federal, state and local laws or college policies 
  • information which may injure someone else and/or lead to a lawsuit or criminal charges 
  • information that constitutes an invasion of privacy 
  • pictures or videos of people without the permission of the people in the picture or video 
  • advertisements for commercial products or enterprises 
  • pirated or destructive software 

Alumni Relations

Our Alumni Relations team is a vital bridge between Saint Paul College and its graduates, fostering lifelong connections and engagement. Through various initiatives and programs, we aim to celebrate achievements, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide ongoing support to our alumni community.

Resource Development

Resource Development, encompassing grant acquisition and management, plays a pivotal role in securing vital funding to support Saint Paul College’s mission and initiatives. Through strategic partnerships, fundraising efforts, and grant applications, we aim to enhance the college’s resources, infrastructure, and programs to better serve our students and community.

Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation

Friends of Saint Paul College is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners alongside Saint Paul College students by proactively providing financial support, including scholarships, emergency funds, and program support.