Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees from Saint Paul College are a distinguished recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Our institution values the opportunity to honor those who have excelled both within and beyond academia. The process for nominating, selecting, and bestowing honorary degrees reinforces our commitment to acknowledging exceptional achievements.

Each fall, the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs initiates a call for nominations. Nominations can be made by individuals or groups, regardless of affiliation with the College.

Submission Deadline

Nominations must be submitted through the official electronic submission form by November 1 of the calendar year, to be considered for the current cycle.

Nomination Requirements

Nominations must include the following:

– A biographical statement containing the nominee’s name, address, professional title, place of birth, educational background, and any other honorary degrees received.

– Written documentation highlighting the nominee’s primary contributions that qualify them for the honorary degree.

– At least three written references from knowledgeable individuals in academic, public, or private sectors familiar with the nominee’s contributions.

Review Process

Upon receipt, each nomination undergoes a thorough review to ensure all required elements are included.

Nomination materials are then forwarded to the appropriate academic dean for further review and discussion among faculty in the relevant discipline(s).

The dean collaborates with faculty to submit a recommendation to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs by December 15th.

The recommendation is then presented to the Faculty Shared Governance Council for final consideration during their February meeting. Typically, only one honorary degree is awarded each year.

Additional Information

For more details on the nomination and selection process, please refer to Saint Paul College Procedure Honorary Degrees.

Contact Information

For assistance or inquiries regarding the nomination process, please contact Brenda McNamara.