Earn money through student employment.

Staff and student in Admissions Office.

Student employment provides Saint Paul College students with the opportunity to work in paying on-campus positions to help fund their education. These jobs also give students the chance to enhance work-related skills in a professional environment. Student employment is not meant to be the sole source of financial support for a student, nor is it considered part-time employment. It is a form of financial assistance.

Steps to Apply for Student Employment

  • Students interested in a Work-Study position must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and receive an award letter before applying for work study positions. (Not necessary for Student Worker positions.)
  • Students must create an account on the College’s online job board (JobsOnline). Search by job type in “Search – My School’s Jobs”.
  • Students can view and apply for open student employment positions according to the application instructions on the job posting
  • The supervisor of the position will contact applicants to set up interviews
  • The supervisor will contact the student they want to hire and will also notify candidates that the position has been filled

Types of Student Employment

Students with need based eligibility may apply for a Saint Paul College Work-Study position. The Financial Aid Office determines if a student is eligible based on information from the SAR (Student Aid Report). The SAR is generated once the student has completed and submitted the FAFSA. Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to qualify. The funds for this program are paid by the federal government, state government, and Saint Paul College.

Student Worker
Student Workers do not have to meet the Saint Paul College Work-Study need-based eligibility standards. However, all student employees must meet Saint Paul College Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. The funds for this program come from Saint Paul College and, therefore, only students with very specialized skills are hired as Student Workers. Offices or departments may hire students, as their needs require and funds allow, with the approval of their respective Dean or Manager.

Student eTimesheet System

Saint Paul College is pleased to announce a new electronic timesheet system for student employees. The Student eTimesheet System will replace the paper student timesheets.

In order to receive your paycheck, you must submit a timesheet for each period worked. To do so, complete the following steps:

Your paycheck may be delayed if an incomplete or incorrect timesheet is submitted.

Student Payroll Disbursement
You will need it to select a student payroll disbursement option.

Student Employment Handbook
This Student Employment Handbook has been prepared as a set of guidelines in the hiring and supervision of Saint Paul College student employees. It also presents an overview of supervisor expectations. This manual is not exhaustive and any department hiring student employees may have additional standards and guidelines, not explicitly defined in this manual. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to clearly state the expectations within this manual, as well as all expectations specific to the job for which the student is hired.