Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing

Photo of student on campus.
Photo of student on campus.

Making changes to your course registration.

Students bear primary responsibility for their Course Registrations.

Students are responsible for canceling their registration by the due dates posted in the course schedule or for paying any balance due.

Non-attendance of a course is not a cancellation, and students will be held responsible for paying any amount owed. All students, including those receiving financial aid or third-party payers, will be assessed tuition and fees for the term based on the number of credits for which they are registered on the 5th day of the term.

Students may add courses at any time during the published “add” period for each term. Students who drop a course through the 5th day of a term may receive a tuition refund (pro-rated for summer term). All refunds may take approximately two weeks to process. Refunds will either be disbursed with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution powered by BMTX, Inc., or refunded to your credit card.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Semester deadlines for adding and dropping courses are as follows:

Fall Semester 2023: August 25, 2023
Spring Semester 2024: January 12, 2024

  • Students who register online may drop or add courses online.
  • OR Submit an Add/Drop Form to Admissions (Room 1300) in person. 
  • Students may add or drop online classes through the Add/Drop period.

**Students may add or drop Late Start courses through the first session day of the class. Students have one business day from the start of the class to drop without penalty. Check the class schedule for more details.

Withdrawing from courses

Students may withdraw from courses beginning on the following dates to receive a “W” grade:

Fall Semester 2023 beginning August 26, 2023
Spring Semester 2024 beginning January 13, 2024

Withdrawal Deadlines
You may withdraw from classes to receive a “W” grade. Check the course schedule online. Click on the Course Title to view the last date to withdraw. Students who withdraw from all classes for the term may be qualified for a tuition refund.

Refunds for Dropping & Withdrawing
Admissions will only drop or withdraw you from your class upon submitting the Drop Form or the Course Withdrawal Form. Failure to attend class does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from class. If you change your mind about enrolling in your class for the term or cannot finish it after you start, it is important to contact Admissions in person with your request to drop or withdraw from the class.

Tuition Refund Schedule – Summer 2024

If you drop from one or more classes for the term, tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:

Registration ChangesDrop/Withdrawal from some,
but not all classes
from ALL Classes
On or before May 28, 2024

May 28 to June 4, 20240%50%
After June 4, 20240%0%
Dates are based on full-term courses. Please check the course schedule for the last day to drop/withdraw from the course.