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Due to COVID-19 we are suspending all in-person and online course placement testing and services until further notice. In the meantime, the following will be used to assess course placement: ACT, SAT, MCA scores and/or High School GPA​.​

ACCUPLACER is not being offered currently. Please see the Placement/Assessment​ page for the current placement and assessment process.

ACCUP​LACER® Assessment Requirement

You will need to take the ACCUPLACER assessment if:

  • You plan to enroll in a degree, certificate or diploma program at Saint Paul College.
  • You plan to register for Writing, Math or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses your first term.

ACCUPLACER is available on a walk-in basis in the Saint Paul College Testing Center during the hours listed. No appointment is necessary. ACCUPLACER is not timed, so please check Testing Center hours and start early enough to complete it at a comfortable pace.  It is recommended to reserve 2-3 hours to take the ACCUPLACER.

Child care is not provided for individuals utilizing the Testing Center. Please review Testing Center policies​ before your visit.

Taking ACCUPLACER at Another School for Saint Paul College

If you are a current or future Saint Paul College student who wants to take the ACCUPLACER assessment at a different college testing site, you may request a Remote Voucher from Saint Paul College. Please check with the school where you want to take the ACCUPLACER for information on fees. To request a voucher, please email testing.center@saintpaul.edu with the following information:

  • Name of the institution where you want to test
  • Which Test(s) you will take (Math, English, Reading)
  • First and last name
  • Saint Paul College Student ID (visible on top right corner in eServices)
  • Full Date of Birth (month/day/year)
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address

Taking ACCUPLACER at Saint Paul College for Another School

If you want to take the ACCUPLACER at Saint Paul College for another school, please request a Remote Voucher at the school you want to attend. There is a $35 fee for each assessment administered at Saint Paul College for a school that is not part of the Minnesota St​ate College & University System.

You must bring your Remote Voucher to Saint Paul College to take the ACCUPLACER. The email containing the voucher must be printed on paper, or visible on your phone/personal device. You do not need to schedule an appointment. Please consult Testing Center hours and allow yourself enough time to complete the assessment.

Any applicable fees must be paid to Saint Paul College before you take the ACCUPLACER. Fees must be paid at the Tuition Window on the first floor, next to the Information Desk at the main entrance. Please be sure to get a receipt

Please bring your voucher(s) and receipt to the Testing Center, Room 3140, to take the ACCUPLACER.

​Get the free ACCUPLACER practice app

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Assessment Use

As you plan your college career, it is important to know your basic skills in reading, mathematics and writing. Knowing your skill level will help you and your advisor determine courses best suited for you. Our goal is to help you choose courses that best match your background and help ensure your future success.

If English is your first language the ACCUPLACER online assessments are used at Saint Paul College to assess your skills for the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

If English is not your first language, you will take the online ACCUPLACER English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment. The results of the ESL assessment will help determine if English as a Second Language courses are recommended. These computerized assessments assess your skills in reading, writing and listening. See more information below for detailed information on each of the assessments.

What will I be tested on?

  • Reading: You will be asked to read a passage and then answer several questions about the passage.
  • Mathematics: This portion measures your understanding of arithmetic through problem solving. Skills in operations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. Ratios, measurement, and geometry will be assessed. No handheld calculators are permitted.

Additional Testing

  • Keyboarding: If required for your program, keyboarding skills will be assessed.
  • Spatial: If required for your program, spatial skills will be assessed.

Should I prepare for the ACCUPLACER?

Yes! Reviewing for the ACCUPLACER could potentially save you hundreds of dollars and semesters at SPC. Feel free to check out the resources below:

Spatial Test Review
To review for the spatial assessment, the Saint Paul College Library has a resource book titled, Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations by Levy and Levy (153.9). A helpful chapter to review is “Matching Patterns and Figures.”

Where to go to take the assessment

Determine when you will take your assessments (See hours and dates above). Be sure to give yourself at least 2½ to 3 hours to complete this process.

  1. Get plenty of rest before taking the assessments and make sure you have eaten properly.
  2. Bring a government issued picture ID (such as a Driver’s License) for identification purposes.
  3. Go to the One Stop (Main Floor), complete your application for Saint Paul College and tell staff at the desk that you wish to take the assessment. You will be given a temporary ID card to take to the Assessment Center in Room 3140.
  4. You will need to show your temporary ID and your picture ID to the Computer Lab Assistants in the Assessment Center (Room 3140). The Computer Lab Assistant will then get you set up on a computer and give you assistance as needed.

Assessment Waiver

If you have already completed reading, English, math or writing courses at another college your assessments could be waived. Please fill out the Online Assessment Waiver Request Form.

If you took the ACT exam, your assessments could be waived. To determine if you can be exempt from taking all or portions of the assessment based on documentation of subject area test scores on the ACT test, please refer to: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Procedure 3.3.1, Part 6, Subpart C. An unofficial copy of your ACT test score can be submitted through the Online Assessment Waiver Request Form.

If you have completed the assessment at another Minnesota State college or university within the last 2 years, you will likely be exempt from taking our assessment. To determine if you’re exempt, call the One St op at 651.846.1555 or see a One Stop staff member in Room 1300.

Understanding my placement report

One Stop staff are available to discuss your placement report and your program of interest.

The Reading assessment score and the English as a Second Language assessment scores are valid for a period of two years. Math assessment scores are valid for a period of two years. If you do not register for and begin reading, English, English as a Second Language or math sequenced classes within the noted validity time period for each assessment, you will need to assess again.

Can I re-test after taking a remedial course?

Yes, you have one retest opportunity per calendar year during or after attempting a remedial course.


If you need special test accommodations due to a disability, or need this information in an alternative format, please contact the director of Access & Disability Resources at 651.846.1547 or email AccessResources@saintpaul.edu

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