Nearly 500 students celebrated their educational accomplishments at our commencement ceremony on May 6 at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul. More than 40 PSEO students earned both an AA degree and their High School diploma at the same time. In addition to the graduates, over 1,000 family members and friends came to support their loved ones in accomplishing this big step in their respective personal and professional journeys.

Rejoice Udochukwu, Student Senate President, gave an inspiring speech on how the journey to this day was one filled with much hard work, laughter, and even tears. She encouraged each graduate to enjoy this joyful day and celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey. Rejoice implored graduates to live the SPC tag-line with her closing remarks:

With this degree that you have now obtained, you have been empowered to confidently make any decision for your next step. Go out there doubting and believing, depending on the situation. Without self-doubt, you become complacent, and without self-belief, you cannot succeed – and you need both. Go out there and not only fit in but stand out!
-Rejoice Udochukwu, Student Senate President

President Dee Dee Peaslee shared that students have many support systems that help them succeed and that SPC is a support system of staff & faculty who are some of the graduates’ biggest fans. “We have watched you nurture your talents and know you are ready for your next steps,” shared Dr. Peaslee. She then presented Laura Beeth, 2018 Community Partner of the Year recipient, with an Honorary Doctorate of Business degree for her exceptional contributions to healthcare education and the workforce. Dr. Beeth congratulated the graduates and provided her life lessons for the graduates:

I learned early that life, education, and vocation are like roadmaps. We may have a destination in mind and even a plan, but on our journeys, there will be many detours with on-ramps, off-ramps, accidents, and no-traffic zones. The journey won’t be easy for most of us, but I believe we are put on this earth with a greater purpose. We persevere, overcome obstacles, and see the best in people and the situation, and share our gifts and talents. We make the world, and our community, a greater place for all!
-Dr. Laura Beeth, 2024 Honorary Doctorate of Business

The Class of 2024 was SPC’s largest graduating class in over 5 years. Students received awards from across our 100+ programs, including associates of arts, associates of science, and applied associate of science degrees, certificates, and diplomas.

Watch the ceremony:

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