Submit a Report

Submit an Online Report/Anonymous Report.

To file a report in person, you can speak with the designated officers at Saint Paul College or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651.846.1322 or

Name Department Contact
Pepe Wonosikou

Pepe Wonosikou

Dean of Student Success


Administration / Leadership Team, Student Affairs, Title III

Michael Gerold

Director of Students Rights & Responsibilities


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Student Rights and Responsibilities

Confidential Reporting

If you would like to talk to a confidential person on campus, you can reach out to someone from the Mental Health Team:

Mental Health Director: Merrie Haskins
651.350.3035 – Mental Health Office

Mental Health Therapist: Pam Norling
651.350.3037 – Mental Health Office

Counselor: Lisa Hanes-Goodlander
651.846.1383 – Mental Health Office

Advocacy Services
Saint Paul College provides on-campus survivor support services in partnership with SOS Sexual Violence Services (651.266.1000) and Saint Paul and Ramsey County Domestic Violence Intervention Project (SPIP) (651.645.2824). Contact SOS or SPIP to learn more about their services and schedule.

Submit a Complaint or Grievance
Students have a right to seek a remedy to a dispute through a complaint or grievance procedure. The following procedure is established to promote a timely means of resolving disputes between you and others in the campus community. Students who have a complaint against any faculty or staff member about the content or conduct of a course, grading, tuition, or any other school policy or procedure, review the following for the process that needs to be followed. For more information about your rights or the procedure, call 651.846.1327.

Uniform Amnesty Policy
Witnesses and victims who report an incident of sexual violence in good faith will not be sanctioned by the College for admitting in the report to a violation of Saint Paul College’s Drugs, Alcohol & Smoke-Free Campus.