FT Business Instructor

Evan Barshack

Academic Affairs, Business and Services Programs

Evan started his career in the Hospitality industry where he was a cook, bartender, waiter, kitchen manager, assistant manager and general manager. He worked at big chains such as Sizzler and Bennigan’s. While working, Evan earned his AA, BS in Accounting, MBA with a Finance Specialty, and Law degree (JD). The day after graduating law school, Evan moved to Northern California where he opened a tax practice and started teaching Business, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Business Law, and Business Statistics at various Bay Area community colleges. After moving to Minnesota in 2007, Evan started teaching full-time for the Minnesota State System. At that time Evan also expanded his practice to include tax law, business law, estate planning and family law. He is a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the United States Tax Court.