PT Culinary Instructor

Jason Ross

Academic Affairs, Wellness and Services

Chef Jason Ross has been a culinary instructor dedicated to student success since 2006. He has taught classes across the culinary curriculum, from the basic foundational classes, to butchery, pastry, and advanced restaurant fundamentals and catering classes. He uses his deep professional network to help students connect with the right culinary environment for their success. Students often praise him for his work, in and out of the classroom, with testimonials like: “I don’t think you could find a finer, more in touch chef to teach at this school then what we have with Chef Ross. He brought his “A” game every day and made things exciting to learn and to come early every day. I appreciate every bit of effort that he put into my education.” Ross started cooking young. He grew up living with his grandfather in New York City. They began cooking together when Jason’s grandmother passed away, and his grandfather needed help in their home kitchen. Chef Ross first realized he had a passion for cooking when he and his grandfather took a class together at a local culinary school called Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, where Chef Ross would later attend to complete his culinary training. After working in the restaurant industry, including Bouley and Aquavit in New York, and opening Solera as executive chef, Chef Ross received the Certified Executive Chef certification from the American Culinary Foundation. Outside of teaching Chef Ross influences the Twin Cities Culinary scene. He is a food writer for local and national publications, and a chef consultant for restaurants and hotels in all stages of development. For Chef Ross the best part of the job is getting the opportunity to work with former students in the field, when they have gone from students to valued peers. When not working, Ross loves adventures big and small, and often finds himself led by the nose by his two daughters.