FT Massage Instructor

Jeremy Sartain

Academic Affairs, Health Sciences

Jeremy Sartain, head of the Massage Therapy and Personal Training Department, has been an instructor at Saint Paul College since 2001. He has twice received two Faculty Excellence Awards – awarded for his innovations in teaching, including curriculum development, service learning projects and educational resources such as instructional DVD’s created/produced in-house, and other supplemental learning materials. His enthusiasm for the Massage Therapy and Personal Training areas comes from his personal experience in these fields, and is grounded in his view that these are incredible fields of opportunity that provide so many areas of specialization. He believes that there is always something else to improve upon or learn. Jeremy states that “You are continually challenged and stimulated. It’s a great field for people like me that enjoy wearing lots of different hats!”   He is a member of many professional organizations, including Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), U.S Triathlon Association, U.S Cycling Association, and Minnesota State High School League Coaches Association. He also is an accomplished tri-athlete.   His favorite part about teaching pertains to individual outcomes and seeing specific outcomes in each of his students. For some that’s graduating and getting a great job. For others it’s obtaining their first A when they had always viewed themselves as a C student. “If an individual student meets or exceeds potential that I see in them then that is my favorite moment in my job,” he says. Jeremy feels his life and career experiences greatly enhance his teaching abilities. Ultimately he wants prospective and current students to know that he is absolutely passionate about what he does and is open and available to help with individual success throughout their educational journey and beyond.