A buzz is in the air as students return to campus for Fall Semester. Students are excited to learn, and instructors are eager to teach. The student-instructor relationship is unique and is emphasized this year by Student Senate President Rejoice Udochukwu, who brings endless passion and deliberate purpose to helping students connect and learn.

Rejoice came to the US from Nigeria in July 2022. Encouraged by family members, she enrolled in the Management Information Systems (MIS) Associate in Science Degree program. Immediately, Rejoice jumped in and became Student Senate Secretary her first year and earned honors in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). Rejoice was always interested in leadership and politics, with a passion for student governance. She believes students can miss out on learning experiences if they are not involved in activities outside the classroom. She is passionate about providing students with an “all-around college experience” similar to many 4-year colleges.

Expanding student engagement opportunities is the most critical goal in Rejoice’s role as Student President. She wants students to know what Student Senate does for them and create student-centered campus activities by collecting data on events they value, not just activities leadership thinks they may want. She also plans to use different communication platforms that resonate better with students, including in-person introductions in classrooms and WhatsApp messaging rather than emails.

Rejoice’s campaign to serve as Student President included a very intentional collaboration with instructors she describes as “100% highly supportive and excited to help her share her passion for helping students.” She loves everything about Saint Paul College as a place with incredible opportunities to grow based on merit. It is an inclusive setting with amazing people who go out of their way to make others feel they are essential to our special community. She is incredibly excited by the opportunities to meet with elected officials at federal and state capitals. She believes Saint Paul College lives up to its brand as a Fit In Stand Out college as students genuinely fit in on campus, and our alums impact their communities tremendously.

Student Senate is the official organization representing the ideas, needs, and interests of the student body at Saint Paul College. This student-elected Senate Executive Board includes:

  • Vice-President, Naragua Sumiya
  • Treasurer (currently vacant)
  • Secretary, Kameel Asha
  • Equity & Inclusion Officer, Natalie Ramirez
  • Executive Communications & Events Director (currently vacant)

Learn more about Student Senate, including the election process, meeting schedules, leadership position descriptions, and details regarding vacant positions.