Darrail’s Story

Darrail is a dedicated Early Childhood Education student at SPC. Originally from the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul, MN. Darrail chose to study at SPC for its community-oriented approach and the opportunities he saw unfolding around the school. His journey back to education after nearly a decade was no less than a challenge that he took head-on. He recalls taking 5 courses in one semester in his first year back and impressively ending the semester with three A’s. His academic journey was deeply influenced by his instructor, Kelly McKown. Her workload and strong yet caring approach helped him gain respect for educators and better understand children’s development. Through his SPC experience, he has found the drive to aim higher and push for better, leading him to complete his two-year degree. As he stands on the brink of graduation, he hopes to pursue a K-6 License, ideally at Concordia University St. Paul. Darrail advises incoming students to never quit and always leave room to return, regenerate, and build a better future.